About ihotdesk


ihotdesk was founded in 1999 to focus on providing proactive outsourced ICT services and IT Support for small and medium sized businesses.


Since inception the company has won awards and successfully grown organically by offering high quality ICT services, such as IT outsourcing, to its customers. Our approach is based on managing the ICT environment resulting in greater uptime, more stability and fewer helpdesk calls. We currently manage 100's of Servers and many 1000's of PC's globally across our customers estate.


We employ the right minded people, not who are just good technically but people who are customer focused as well. We have made investments in better software support tools; we keep abreast of technology by working closely with our partners and investing in appropriate technical training for staff.

Our core services are based around our helpdesk, monitoring and onsite services. We offer additional services which add value and make your life easier in running the ICT environment.

We can offer true 24 x7 x 365 helpdesk and monitoring services, rather than an on call service as many other companies claim to offer. 

Importantly we measure ourselves on a regular basis to ensure we are always improving and implement changes where required.


MSPmentor top 501 Managed Service providers

ihotdesk have been ranked in the top 10% of managed service providers globally on MSPmentor’s Top 501 Managed Service Providers List for 2014 and demonstrates that we are recognized as one of the most progressive Managed Service Providers (MSP) in the world.


The MSP Mentor Top 501 is an annual research report from MSPmentor and its owner, Nine Lives Media, MSPmentor is widely considered the ultimate guide to managed services and the leading global destination for managed service providers.


MSPMentor 501

If you are looking for a forward looking and trusted IT outsourcing company in London, or throughout the United Kingdom, and would like to meet with one of our consultants for a no-obligation discussion please call us on 020 7392 1600, email us at info@ihotdesk.com