Wearable tech to revolutionise office efficiency

Smartglass technology could revolutionise the way certain sectors operate.

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Article date 07 November 2013
Wearable tech to revolutionise office efficiency
Google Glass and other wearable technology will help to improve office efficiency, according to a new study.

Research by Gartner has discovered that by 2017, smartglasses may be able to save the field service industry $1 billion (£621 million) a year. 

Despite still being an emerging technology - less than one per cent of US companies have implemented the devices - there is an acceptance that its popularity is likely to increase significantly in the future.

Indeed, the report estimated there will be a ten per cent hike in take-up over the next five years in firms that have offsite workers, while it expects lower-priced consumer versions to become available over the years.

Angela McIntyre, research director at Gartner, pointed out that people in a variety of roles - such as technicians, engineers and workers who primarily operate in the field - can benefit from the use of smartglasses with augmented reality.

"The greatest savings in field service will come from diagnosing and fixing problems more quickly and without needing to bring additional experts to remote sites," she added.

Key to the future success of this technology is improving the quality of apps and services available. At present, there is a limited pool, which means only certain sectors could enjoy tangible benefits.

However, Gartner believes the ecosystems will develop significantly over the next five years and so IT organisations are more likely to provide smartglasses to a wider range of employees. 

In terms of how efficiency can be improved, video collaboration with experts in remote locations is one of the key areas. On top of this, how-to instructions and illustrations could be funnelled directly to workers so they can carry out tasks to the highest standard.

This also means employees who may not necessarily have a lot of experience within a certain field could still operate in it using virtual manuals.

Posted by Louise Tate

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