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Celestix - Secure application access



Celestix Networks is a global leader in IT security solutions for unified threat management, data-centric security, secure application access, traffic optimization and tokenless 2 Factor Authentication. Their WSA series appliances with Microsoft Unified Access Gateway (UAG) are the comprehensive and highly configurable secure connectivity solutions for publishing enterprise applications. Based on Microsoft’s SSL VPN system, WSA appliances are also the best method for managing DirectAccess and securing remote access to BPOS applications.


Control Access
Secure web-based access to business critical applications and data:

  • Differentiated and policy-driven access to network, server, and data resources. 
  • Flexible application-intelligent SSL VPN from any device or location.
  • Highly granular access and security policy enforced at the session, application, and function levels.
  • Comprehensive basic and form-based authentication through Active Directory®, RADIUS, LDAP, and SecurID®.
  • Customizable, identity-based web portal with single-sign-on (SSO).
  • Handles embedded browser applications.
  • Connectivity and control for client/server and legacy applications.
  • Management features for DirectAccess VPN. 


Protect Assets
Integrated application protection helps ensure the integrity and safety of network and application infrastructure by blocking malicious traffic and attacks:

  • Application-layer firewall blocks non-conformant requests, such as buffer overflow or SQL injection, on application protocols.
  • Comprehensive protocol validation and deep content inspection with both positive and negative logic rule sets.
  • URL cloaking and full functionality for remote users through dynamic URL rewrite and HTTP parameter filtering.
  • Application Optimizers provide out-of-the-box protection for high value applications such as SharePoint® Server, Microsoft® Outlook® Web Access, SAP®, and WebSphere®.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and reporting; integrates with third-party risk and policy management platforms.
  • Extensible infrastructure and tools for custom application publishing and scripting.


Safeguard Information
Comprehensive policy enforcement helps drive compliance with legal and business guidelines that require information usage criteria to limit exposure and liability when accessing sensitive corporate data:

  • Ensures network integrity by restricting client access based on endpoint security profile.
  • Strong endpoint security management and verification helps ensure endpoint health compliance and session control.
  • Enforces policy controls over actions within an application.
  • Cache-clean-up tailored to specific applications removes downloaded files and pages, URLs, custom caches, cookies, history, and user credentials.
  • Detects endpoint security state.


Product information


  WSA 3200 WSA 4200 WSA6200 WSA 8200

WSA Models

WSA 3200

WSA 4200

WSA 6200

WSA 8200

Type of Business

Designed for Small to mid-sized enterprises

Designed for mid-sized to large enterprises

Designed for large and multinational enterprises

Designed for large and multinational enterprises

Recommended Users*

concurrent users

500 to 1,000  
concurrent users

3,000 to 6,000
concurrent users

up to 15,000
concurrent users


Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel i5-660

2 x Quad Core Intel Xeon Nehalem


4 GB

4 GB

8 GB

12 GB

L2 Cache

3 MB

6 MB

6 MB

2 x12 MB

Front Side Bus

1066 MHz

1333 MHz



Hard Drive

SATA-II 300 GB Available Storage
(1 x 320 GB Hard Drive)

SATA-II 100 GB Available Storage
(2 x 160 GB Hard Drive)

SATA-II 120 GB Available Storage
(2 x 160 GB Hot Swappable Hard Drive)

SATA-II 300 GB Available Storage
(4 x 160 GB Hot Swappable Hard Drive)

Disk Mirror RAID


RAID 1 (Software)



GigabitEthernet Ports




8 (with 10 Gbe ports option)

Power Supply

220W power supply with universal AC input

220W power supply with universal AC input

Redundant 250W+250W power supplies with universal AC input

N+1 Redundant configuration 500W power supplies with universal AC input


1.75" x 16.9" x 12.25"

1.75" x 16.9" x 12.25"

1.75" x 17.3" x 15.7"

3.5" x 17.4" x 26"



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