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Hosted virtual servers

ihotdesk hosted virtual servers replace the conventional dedicated or managed server, and although they look and act like a normal server, they can be scaled to meet the changing needs of your business at any time. With the freedom to control the resources that you use and no more expensive and unnecessary hardware to buy, this next generation of server could transform the way you work.Cloud hosted services

You can make infrastructure changes to your servers at any time and with the minimum of fuss. Combining the latest server and software technology, our servers provide a truly efficient way to run applications, and offer affordable access to on-demand computing.

By allowing you to take some or all of your infrastructure off-site, our dynamic servers and Grid computing can enable you to enjoy lower TCO, better performance and full scalability. They are also more reliable than dedicated servers; giving you the peace of mind that your system won’t let you down.

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Key Benefits


Why pay for unnecessary resources? We can help you to avoid buying more hardware without compromising on capacity or computing power – saving your company money, and increasing productivity.



The main advantage of cloud computing is that you can add and remove resources with ease. This flexibility could help your business to significantly reduce its costs by removing the need for capital expenditure and expensive leases. Dynamic servers also enable you to plan for busier periods and gain greater computer power when you need it most, without having to pay for it when you don’t.

Fully managed

Our experienced team can take care of everything for you, and will watch over your services day and night, leaving you free to get on with business. Trust our team to manage the patching, management and maintenance of your infrastructure.




Fast and responsive

We know that our customers are looking for a server model which is responsive to their changing needs. Our dynamic servers enable you to add resources and grow your infrastructure with one click.



A full disaster recovery provision, and a range of load-balancing options, means that you can enjoy a world-class server infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

Consolidating your existing servers?

As your business grows and you require additional computing capacity, the costs associated with managing and upgrading your servers can begin to spiral. To increase efficiency, deploy new systems as and when your business needs them, and enjoy a reduction in your operating costs, look no further than ihotdesk.


If you are looking for hosted services in London or throughout the United Kingdom and would like to meet with

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