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Fixed Price All Inclusive IT Support for Small Businesses


In these times of challenging economic conditions, companies are looking at ways of reducing costs and being able to predict their IT expenditure. It was with this in mind that ihotdesk have used its ten years of experience in delivery high quality IT support ihotdesk plusservices to the SME sector to launch ihotdesk PLUS.


ihotdesk PLUS is a fixed price, all-inclusive single site IT  service for small and mid sized businesses.

The service has been designed so that your organisation does not need to hire  ICT staff, our pricing is lower than appropriate in-house IT employment costs and offers improved service levels and scope, focusing on prevention rather than cure. What's more if you are not entirely satisfied with our service you are free to cancel anytime in the first 3 months.


All inclusive service




Your small business IT support costs are fixed, ensuring predictable spend and no surprises.


Flexible contracts


We are confident of our ability to deliver a high quality service;You can exit out of the contract in the first three months if you feel we are not up to the job. We believe this offers you peace of mind that you have selected the right partner.


ihotdesk PLUS service summary

Unlimited  onsite Call-outs

If we are unable to resolve the problem remotely, we’ll arrange an onsite call-out  visit by one of our service representatives at no additional charge so you get as much help as you need for support or guidance for any IT query.

Unlimited remote support & helpdesk

We are available around the clock which is particularly useful for our clients that have staff located around the globe. Our Helpdesk takes ownership of all problems until they are resolved, even if the problem is reliant on a third party provider,

Proactive PC & Server management

We manage all your servers and PC’s/laptops around the clock utilising best of breed management software, this includes the management and deployment of Microsoft security updates and service packs to all your PCs & Servers.

PC & Laptop installs free of charge

From time to time you will want to buy new PCs, laptops printers for your staff. ihotdesk offer will offer free installation, so long as you buy the equipment from us.

Service Management

Your service manager will meet you when required, discuss any issues or needs and ensure the day to day service is running smoothly. Our account managers are not paid commission, so they recommend the best and appropriate solutions for your business.

Comprehensive service start-up

We place particular attention to the transition of your service over to us. We invest heavily at the start of a service to ensure we fully understand your environment and aim to address any niggling IT problems you currently have.

Service Hours

 Service Quantity  Service Hours
 Helpdesk/remote assistance Unlimited Monday to Friday 24x5, Sat and Sunday 9AM – 6PM
 Onsite Call-out Unlimited Monday to Friday 9AM - 6PM
 PC & Server Management Unlimited Monday to Friday 24x5, Sat and Sunday 9AM – 6PM
 Service management Unlimited Monday to Friday 9AM – 6PM
 PC & Laptop Installations Unlimited Monday to Friday 9AM – 6PM


Commercial stuff


  • A fixed monthly price based on the number of employees in your business
  • Invoiced monthly in advance and paid by standing order
  • Cancel at anytime in the first 3 Months
  • If your staff numbers reduce, the price reduces from next invoice


So what’s the price?


ihotdesk are one of the leading ICT service companies in London, our services are often imitated but rarely bettered; so we’d like to keep our pricing confidential. If you are looking to Outsource and are interested in ihotdesk PLUS please call on 020 7392 1600 and we’ll tell you, alternatively email us at or complete our enquiry form. We would be delighted to send you a personalised proposal with full details of the service and service price.