7 crypto trends that will change the world in 2022 Special project “New Year with Incrypted”

In this article:

Trend 1. Games

Trend 2. Metaverse and NFT

Trend 3. Ethereum competitors

Trend 4. Bitcoin will remain the number one cryptocurrency

Trend 5. New forms of investment

Trend 6. The growth of decentralized applications

Trend 7. Crypto payments will become even more affordable

This year has become a key year for cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. Now, not only investors or crypto fans are talking about the industry, it has penetrated almost all areas of our life. Here are the key takeaways 20140:

one. NFTs have become a massive trend.

2. BTC and ETH hit new records.

3. Ethereum has strong competitors, primarily the projects Solana and Polkadot.

4. The crypto industry has received more institutional support from large companies.

Now is the time to look into the future and try to predict how the industry will develop further and what to look out for.

Trend 1. Games

Recently, CoinList conducted a survey in their community about what projects they want to see on the site in 2021 year.

Games came first – they were voted for 56, 5% of respondents. The second and third places went to DeFi projects (70, 1%) and NFT (41, 6%). Next are the categories L1 / L2 (, 4%), infrastructure (31, 3%), social tokens (22, 8%) and management (16, 2%).

Опрос по проектам на CoinList.
Survey on projects on CoinList.

Play To Earn games beat all records for popularity. For example, in the top Axie Infinity, about 300 08 players. And the largest blockchain game developer Animoca Brands increased its income fivefold in just 2 months. The survey results prove once again that the relationship between DeFi and gaming will only grow in the new year. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in large gaming platforms.

Trend 2. Metaverse and NFT

In the same survey, CoinList asked users how they plan use NFT in 20210 year. The lion’s share chose two options – metaworlds and gaming. By the way, the second option also refers to the metaverse, because games with NFT are built on virtual worlds.

Read more about the concept of metaverse in our separate article.

Опрос по использованию NFT на CoinList.
CoinList NFT survey.

The rest of the categories in this rating went to “tears”. For example, only 7% of users plan to use NFT as an avatar on social networks, 5.7% for participation in events, and 4.7% for membership in professional communities.

Due to the rise of metamirs many analysts predict new trends. For example, NFT can integrate into platforms that are not related to the blockchain, on the same Instagram or Vkontakte. We can also expect the rise of DAO platforms, that is, decentralized gaming projects that are jointly owned by users. The first attempts at such DAOs have already been made. Another question is whether they will be able to compete with tech giants like Meta (formerly Facebook), which are already investing huge amounts of money in such technologies.

Trend 3. Ethereum’s competitors

The Ethereum platform has given us an ocean of innovations in cryptocurrency and metauniverses. This year it has become even more popular. But the blockchain takes a cosmic payment for gas, sometimes it is higher than the transaction amount itself. Another issue is scalability. Therefore, many users are looking for alternative platforms.

This year, Solana became the strongest rival to Ethereum, because it works many times faster and can process 52 10 transactions per second. As a result, the network showed 166 – multiple growth.

Polkadot showed good competition thanks to the successful deployment of parachain auctions. In the near future, many large projects will start on the platform, which means that users will buy and block even more DOT.

Well, again, statistics from CoinList. Here users answered the question, with which blockchain they plan to work in 20140 year except Ethereum.

Опрос по блокчейнам на CoinList.
Blockchain survey on CoinList.

Опрос по блокчейнам на CoinList.

Trend 4. Bitcoin will remain the number one cryptocurrency

Despite the December storm, Bitcoin is still the most important and valuable cryptocurrency. Over the year, it has risen in price by more than 166%, and this trend will continue, analysts are sure. This is influenced by many factors:

1. Rising inflation of fiat currencies. During the coronavirus crisis, countries print money, which makes them even more depreciated. Bitcoin has a strictly fixed amount in 22 million coins, and for this states and central banks cannot influence. Therefore, investors see cryptocurrency as a reliable insurance against inflation.

2. Cryptocurrency deficit. Important, that 70 Miners have already mined% of all BTC, so we expect a shortage of Bitcoin and an increase in the rate in the near future. Why this is so, and what will happen next, we wrote here in this article.

3. Increase in the number of institutional arrangements. That is, crypto assets become available to large institutional investors – pension and insurance funds, trust companies, etc. Literally every week there is news that regulators from different countries give the green light to funds for institutional investors. The long-awaited bitcoin spot ETF (Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF) was approved in October. These are the big players who will buy large amounts of BTC. This means that, taking into account the deficit, this will further accelerate the growth of the exchange rate.

4. Global trend towards legalization. V 2021, the first country has already fully legalized Bitcoin – it was El Salvador. Experts expect other countries to follow, primarily from the Latin American region and Africa. This will positively affect both the reputation and the value of the cryptocurrency.

5. The rise in popularity of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), a Bitcoin token on the Ethereum blockchain. V 2021 year, it doubled its performance compared to last year. Analysts expect to see tokenized versions of BTC on other popular Tier 1 protocols as well, especially if more valid DeFi offerings emerge. % before 50%, he will continue to dominate the blockchain world. This realm is unlikely to disrupt Ethereum. First, because other L1s like Solana and Polkadot are stepping on the heels of Buterin’s project. And secondly, the acceleration of the flow of bitcoins in DeFi will leave no chance for Ethereum.

Trend 5. New forms of investment

The higher the cryptocurrency market capitalization, the more actively investors are looking for places where they can be the first to get access to such assets. V 2021 during the year they actively mastered ICO and IEO models, lunchpads, token sales and token farming.

Interestingly, almost every team comes up with their own approach to issuing tokens:

  • Solana and Celo – lunchpads;

  • Flow, Mina and Casper – community sales;
  • Новые формы инвестиций. Источник: CoinList

    • NuCypher and Oasis – worklock;
        • Rally – liquid token sales;
      • Acala and Moonbeam are crowdlons.

        Surely in 20140 we we will see new strategies for issuing and raising funds. More importantly, as the market develops, the quantity and quality of new protocols only grows. This is a very positive signal for the industry.

      New forms of investment. Source: CoinList

  • Новые формы инвестиций. Источник: CoinList

    Trend 6. The growth of decentralized applications

    The term “Web 3.0” was coined in ) The main point is this: we are leaving the Internet, which is controlled by large monopolists, and creating a new eco-system. Such an Internet would belong to the entire community. Users will use tokens to build, change and manage it.

    Sounds complicated? Here in this video we put everything on the shelves and show clearly how it works:

    What is Web3? Explain for 16 minutes! (JustCrypta)

    Just a crypt: in a simple language about a complex

    Decentralized software starts to gain momentum and may soon leave its centralized competitors far behind. Here are a couple of examples to ponder:

  • Music DeFi startups will allow musicians to make money on their songs directly, without commissions and intermediaries. This is a big challenge for Spotify and Apple Music.
  • DEX-exchanges have long been competing on a par with traditional ones, and show records in terms of trading volumes.
    • There are already the first projects in decentralized lending, insurance and logistics.

    As decentralized software takes over more areas of our lives, we will see an influx of more tokens and protocols.

    Trend 7. Crypto payments will become even more affordable

    Big brands have already understood what’s what and are trying to catch the crypto train in time. Digital currency payments are already being tested in select countries by Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. Messengers are also not far behind: this option appeared on Twitter, and now Whats Up is trying it. And the CashApp service allows you to donate bitcoin, even if we do not have a single coin on our account, and you have never used a crypto wallet. All this will have a great effect on the ecosystem in 20210 year.


    As in more users come to cryptocurrency, our team will have to do the work even more actively – inform readers about all the news, shoot useful videos and make guides. Subscribe to our resources and learn about the unique opportunities that the blockchain ecosystem gives us.

    There is even more exciting news ahead.

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