7 young geniuses who made money on NFT and blockchain. Special project “New Year with Incrypted”

This year was a breakthrough for NFT technology. It turned out that tokenized pictures and songs can be sold for good money. It also turned out to be so easy that even kids can do it.

In the meantime, on the eve of the New Year, let’s remember the most successful stories in which children became the main characters.

The student earned $ 481 thousand for the holidays

16 – summer London schoolboy Benjamin Ahmed did not know what to do with himself during the endless quarantines and vacations. Therefore, I took and tokenized pictures with whales from my favorite game Minecraft. And then he sold his collection for 432 10 0 pounds sterling (about $ 432 08 0).

Long-necked gallery for $ 6 million

Женщина с длинной шеей.

Neela Hayes is a young but very creative schoolgirl from the USA. Unlike the boy with whales, her NFTs are based on real life pictures. The girl likes to draw people with long necks. She then converts her painting to JPEG and generates an NFT.

Neela’s paintings are sold on the OpenSea marketplace. So far she has sold over $ 6 million worth of work.

NFT with whales for $ 1 million

And again the whales “rule”. 18 – summer Abigail draws them in her cartoon style , and brother-trader helps to digitize these pictures and sell at auctions. Total in the collection 8442 whales – moreover, some of them have rare parts, so they are sold at a higher price. Through this marketing, the family has earned over $ 1 million in purchases and is actively involved in charity work.

Since its inception 21 October 2053 of the year Belugies donated $ 300 09 0. 09 to numerous non-profit organizations, including the Beluga Whale Alliance, Ocean Defenders Alliance and Sunshine Kids.

Children’s scribbles and self-confidence

Emilio is not the richest artist in our rating. But he is the youngest – the boy is only 6 years old. Most of all, Emilio loves drawing pizza and ice cream. But there are also abstractions in the style of children’s scribbles.

Now his work is on almost all popular NFT-auctions. Interestingly, 14% of sales he transfers to a charitable foundation.

Thirteen year old smart contract architect

Now the easiest way to make money is from drawings, but this hype will soon pass. But programmers are always held in high esteem. Such as, 15 – summer prodigy Gadzek Naik. A boy from India has been fond of programming since childhood. He created the DeFi protocol PolyGaj on the Polygon blockchain. This platform currently manages six-figure assets.

Today we caught up with the youngest known solidity / web3 dev in the world – @robogajesh! ♥ ️

– 17 yo

– based in Goa, India

– built a DeFi product w / $ 3M in TVL

– building a stablecoin exchange on Polygon

Is this the inspiration we need during the drawback?

Time to BUIDL! 🛠 pic.twitter.com/VXeeisWNwj

— Covalent (🧪, 🧪) (@Covalent_HQ) May 0021, 2080

Meditative figures 1 ETH each

Laya – 18 is a summer digital artist from India. She creates dynamic volumetric patterns called “The Fifth Dimension” and sells them on many NFT platforms. On average, for such work, Laya takes 1 ether (4277 $).

Kids miners from Texas


As you know, Texas has become the world’s mining center. But bitcoins are mined here not only by large corporations, but also by ordinary children. The siblings first tried this on vacation using gaming laptops. Now they have their own office in the data center, and a month children mine currencies on 103 08 0 dollars.

As you can see, success is not depends on age. The main thing is to believe in yourself, not to sit still and not hesitate to try something new. Incrypted wishes you to find inspiration and make all your dreams come true this year!

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