A restaurant opened in Florida where you can pay with any cryptocurrency

Во Флориде открылся ресторан, в котором можно расплатиться любой криптовалютой

  • A crypto-industry-style restaurant has appeared in Clearwater Beach
  • The interior of the institution includes popular memes and portraits of people popular in the community
  • All menu items contain a reference to a particular digital asset
  • In the cafe you can pay with any cryptocurrency

A unique restaurant opened in Clearwater Beach Florida in early December. The institution is stylized in the cryptocurrency sphere and accepts payments in any digital assets.

The owner of the restaurant is Ricardo Varona. This idea was pushed to him by his son, who introduced his father to the crypto industry a few years ago.

Initially, Ricardo wanted to open a chain of restaurants where they would accept payments in cryptocurrency. However, inflation and the supply crisis forced him to reconsider plans.

However, he did not completely abandon the idea, and already in early December a new cafe appeared in Clearwater Beach. The interior of the establishment is dominated by the theme of “crypts”. So, for example, on one of the walls you can see the portrait of Elon Musk, and on the other, Doge watches the visitors.

The names of the dishes on the restaurant menu also refer visitors to different cryptocurrencies. In particular, you can order a hot dog “Dogedog”, a “Caesar” salad with a DeFi attachment and a cocktail with shrimp “SHIBA”.

You can pay in a cafe with any cryptocurrency. The owner claims that Dogecoins are especially popular.

The visitor is invoiced through the cashier. You can also transfer funds to the Varona wallet within the first tier network. Of course, the restaurant accepts dollars too.

Crypto Street Restaurant is hugely popular. He has not yet received a single review with a rating of less than five stars. Visitors note a good atmosphere, pleasant cuisine and a unique interior.

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