A vaccine developer created a mutation from NFT and bacteria. This is the first “live” token in the cryptoindustry


  • Looks like , a new term has appeared in the world – “Living Eco-NFT”
  • This is a symbiosis of a living cell and a unique token
  • Gene Roddenberry’s signature became the “donor”

The legendary Gene Roddenberry died 30 years ago. But his signature got a new lease on life through science and crypto technology.

Back in 1965, the producer signed an agreement with Desilu Productions to shoot Star Trek “. 30 November this signature was turned into a non-fungible token (NFT) and sewn into the DNA of a living bacterium.

Roddenberry Entertainment has already coined a term for his creation – “Living Eco-NFT” (“living eco-token”). The company is happy that it has managed to combine science and fantasy. If everything goes well, then such a token will be able to divide and live together with the mother’s cell.

“While the organism lives, the cells in it divide at a high rate. For example, they can create over a billion copies of Eco-NFT overnight. ” in Miami. It is exhibited as an art object “El Primero” (transl. “First”).

The medical corporation Rational Vaccines worked on the creation of the crypto mutant.

“Storing information in DNA opens up completely new possibilities for us. It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly option for data archives. It has a slightly larger storage capacity than any known repository so far. ”

NFTs live on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, backed by Metaplex Studios. These tokens are “hardwired” into the DNA chain, and a living cell helps information to be stored and shared.

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