Adidas Originals launches its first NFT collection. How much is a “ticket” to the metaverse?


  • 17 December will start selling the first NFTs from Adidas
  • Their owners become part of the community Into the Metaverse
  • The prices are already known, but the brand does not reveal all the possibilities

Now we know that we will wear in virtual worlds. Popular brand Adidas Originals presents the NFT collection. It is published in collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club, GMoney and PUNKS Comics.

NFT will be the first part of the Into the Metaverse collection. It will give owners access to digital and physical brand items.

Adidas invests in NFT

Adidas has been preparing for this event for several weeks. In November, they bought NFT Ape # 8774, and paid for it 22 ETH (about 100 591 dollars at the current price). This is a token with the image of a blue monkey in a hat and glasses.

The designers of Adidas slightly changed the NFT – they dressed the monkey in a branded sweatshirt. Now she has become an avatar in the official account of the brand. By the way, the account itself changed its name: “Into The Metaverse” appeared in the description.

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How much are the tokens

NFT will go on sale today at a price of 0.2 ETH (about 1024 dollars). It is not yet clear what exactly the buyers will get. The company promises that they will give unique access to physical and virtual objects, including in the metaverse Into the Metaverse.

Fans can buy not only digital assets, but also regular physical clothes. The collection features a Bored Ape NFT tracksuit, a black hoodie and an orange cap. The sweatshirt bears the Adidas logo, cryptocurrency address and brand partners’ emblems.

The promo also states that token holders will influence the future of the NFT community. Most likely, we are talking about participating in votes for various projects. Looking forward to further details.

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