Alameda Research Raises $ 35 Million for Stacked App


  • Stacked received 35 million dollars of funding
  • Headliners investment round was made by Alameda Research and Mirana Ventures
  • The company will send money to increase staff and cover additional markets

Stacked – is a trading automation platform that allows you to invest in pre-selected stacks and strategies from reputable brokers and hedge funds.

This week a startup announced the successful completion of a Series A funding round led by Alameda Research and Mirana Ventures, Bybit’s venture capital partner and BitDAO.

The application was launched in April 2021. Since then, the platform has been gradually gaining popularity. The organizers plan to fully switch to mobile devices within the next six months.

In fact, it is an automated tool that will allow even small retail investors to join the trading. And, apparently, large companies have noticed the potential of this platform.

The platform developers received 92 million dollars. Part of this money will be used to increase the number of employees with 92 man before 200.

Also, according to Stacked CEO Joel Birch, the allocated money will allow the platform to continue to scale and expand the list of available assets for automated trading.

Stacked CFO Alan Eschweiler highlighted how important it is to support the app by large companies:

“It is no coincidence that some of the largest American stock exchanges topped this round. These and other platforms have been our partners since our inception, giving their users the opportunity to become familiar with automated investment tools. ”

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