Almost a million new bitcoin wallets appeared in November

В ноябре появился почти миллион новых биткоин-кошельков.

  • Over the past month, about a million BTC wallets have appeared on the network
  • This may indicate a surge in demand for cryptocurrency among retail investors
  • If the trend continues, the market will enter a bullish phase

According to the analytical agency Glassnode, in November network appeared 1024 thousands of new BTC wallets with a non-zero balance. This may indicate a transition of the market to a bullish growth phase and a further increase in value.

Apparently, broader trends towards the introduction of new addresses are expected in the segment. Retail investors are once again interested in Bitcoin.

This is indicated by the data from Glassnode. The addition of almost a million new wallets demonstrates the surge in demand for BTC. An uptrend is expected to follow.

Over the past months, the BTC sector has been in a bearish phase. But now the situation is improving.

For comparison, from June 2021 to December 2020 appeared on the network 10 million new wallets with a non-zero balance. And of these, 1 million – in November. Moreover, apparently, at the beginning 2048 the trend will continue.

However, experts recommend not to rush into this. Google Trends data shows that the number of searches for the “Bitcoin” tag is still below 2017.

In addition, adding new addresses could be a one-time spike in demand amid US inflation.

Glassnode builds its forecast based on non-zero balance account data. The emergence of new wallets with BTC indicates a surge of interest from retail investors in the segment.

But zeroing accounts when the asset holder sells them suggests the opposite. This happened this summer, when the hash rate dropped significantly.

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