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This is a text version of our AMA chatting with MonkeyBall – a fast, turn-based, arcade, soccer game with Play-to-Earn function.

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AMA (ask me anything)

Incrypted: Hi! Welcome to the Incrypted community chat!

MonkeyBall : Hello! Thanks a lot for the invitation. I am honored to be in the Incrypted community by presenting MonkeyBall.

Incrypted: Okay! Let’s start with some information about the MonkeyBall command.

MonkeyBall : Sure. The best place to start is with our incubators. Now, as part of play-to-earn, there are many blockchain people trying to create a game, as well as many traditional gamers who are also trying to create blockchain games. We have combined both.

First, Raz Friedman is considered one of the greatest minds in the world of game design. He is one of the co-founders of Playtika and was instrumental in taking Playtika from garage to NASDAQ. Shahaf Bar Geffen is a blockchain expert who has been in the field for many years. He is currently the CEO of Coti, a tier 1 protocol and financial ecosystem. We have assembled the very best team with unrivaled experience in game design and development and blockchain, including artisans for Call of Duty and directing Fall Guys.

Incrypted: Looks like you have a top-notch team! Tell us about the game and the gameplay.

MonkeyBall : Sure, let me show you a slide.

MonkeyBall is a new generation metaverse and sports simulator. It’s a fast-paced, turn-based soccer game that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Imagine having a baby in FIFA Street and Final Fantasy.

Players create their own team, consisting of 4 monkeys, which occupy the positions of goalkeeper, striker, defender and midfielder, and at each monkey has natural abilities that make them better in one of the positions.

The match lasts 5 minutes and consists of 20 rounds – 6 rounds in each half. The round ends when both teams complete their moves.

On his turn, a player can move a player, dribble, pass or score a ball, and also use his special skill.

Each time a player makes a move, the abilities of his monkey are opposed by the players of the opposing team. For example, when a player shoots at goal, his accuracy rating is weighed against the goalkeeper’s agility and defensive ability. Thus, there are many factors that determine what happens, including luck. It also means people can’t just buy their way to the top.

Incrypted: What game modes will be available?

MonkeyBall: There will be several different game modes, but not all at once.

Here they are:

Player versus environment – here monkey owners can start training their monkeys and play matches against the environment.

Player vs. Player – Will be the next mode to be released and players will be able to play against other players in the metaverse.

Team vs. Team – Finally, we are planning to release a mode where you can team up with other players to play with another team of multiple players.

Incrypted: Tell us what types of NFT will be available in the game: characters, locations?

MonkeyBal l: Of course … there are 2 basic types of NFT. When creating NFT, we aimed not only to have beautiful collectibles, the rarity of each of them was important to us:

Monkeys, which are generated each with their own unique DNA, made up of 5 billion potential variables … Their composition will be a unique composition of appearance, abilities and elements.

Players will also be able to own stadiums. The rarity of both NFTs determines additional abilities or traits.

Here is another graph that provides additional information. So, there will be a one-time drop of our NFT monkeys – about 11192 out of the 5 billion possible I just talked about. They will have a fixed price of 2SOL, and the rarity of each monkey will be randomly assigned.

Incrypted: The game consists of two separate tokens, right? Could you please tell us more about them, how to get them, what’s the difference?

MonkeyBall : Great question. These will be two tokens. Let me place a graph of our game economy.

So, the main in-game token will be $ MBS. As you can see in the graph, you can buy $ MBS from DEX, buy monkeys, collect items and $ MBS from Lootboxes, and spend $ MBS on consumables for your monkeys in the store to upgrade them. The income from the store goes directly to the game treasury, which then also distributes the winnings to the players. When the treasury is large enough, a DAO $ SCORE token will be created for management.

Incrypted: What makes your game different from other play-to-earn projects?

MonkeyBall: This is another great question. I think it can be summarized in several points.

First, I would say that our team has unrivaled experience in both cryptocurrency and games to create a better mix between the two.

Next, we’re talking about an AAA experiment for a soccer game that has a very broad appeal – it’s not a niche game.

Making a game in Unity doesn’t just give us graphics in real time, but also allows us to ultimately more easily deploy the game to all platforms, such as mobile.

Last but not least, most games take a lot of time and effort to play and make money. MonkeyBall is easy to learn, a lot of fun to play, but hard to master at the same time. We will also have several ways to earn money for players, which is very important. Players will have both active modes, for example, playing and winning matches, and passive ones, for example, being a spectator or playing matches in their own stadiums, ways to make money.

Incrypted: Name some of your sponsors – are there any big names on the list?

MonkeyBall : In our initial round of fundraising, money was not the main goal. It was a search for the best strategic sponsors. As a result, we got such an outstanding list of investors as CMS, NFX, Solana themselves, Long Hash, Banter Capital, Republic, Ascensive Assets, as well as the founders of DraftKings, eToro to name just a few.

Incrypted: Can you detail tell us about the MonkeyBall roadmap?

MonkeyBall : Sure, let me just share the slide of her so I can highlight each point …

Firstly, we will have an IDO in the near future. After IDO, we will have our first NFT drop, and at the end of the first quarter, the Pioneers Gear Up Camp will begin. This is an opportunity for Monkey holders to start collecting and accumulating loot boxes on a daily basis without opening them, which will give these early users a big advantage once gameplay starts.

2022 the year will be eventful! We’ll be launching an in-game store in January, followed by the Breeding Season. Breeding season is the time when pioneers with two monkeys can purchase a capsule and begin the process of breeding their monkeys to create future generations. After that, at the end of the first quarter, our first major game mode will be launched – the “Player versus Environment” mode. As stated, players will be able to open loot boxes, take care of their monkeys and play matches against the environment.

Incrypted: To support the team (which I believe will be the winner) should I bid in tokens?

MonkeyBall : I would not use the word “bet”, but all in-game actions will be carried out using our $ MBS token. When the opportunity to be a spectator appears, players will be able to choose and root for the winning team and participate in the% of winnings.

Incrypted: How will the opponents be selected: randomly, by rating, by agreement of the team owners, by the invitation of the stadium owners or otherwise?

MonkeyBall : Good question! I love how your community is involved! As a result, all players will be naturally distributed across leagues based on their stats and ratings. Most matches will be played between teams from the same league and opponents will be randomly selected.

Incrypted: Can you tell us the details of the upcoming sale tokens?

MonkeyBall : We will announce the date of the IDO in the very near future. Please join our community and stay tuned 🙂

Incrypted: Can I start playing with a minimum deposit or without it at all?

MonkeyBall : Initial game mode, oh which we talked about earlier – PvE and Training Camp – will be open to those who got the Monkey NFT early. You will need at least 1 monkey to start the game, as you can then use the ghost monkeys to bring the number of monkeys to the 4 required to participate in the matches.

Incrypted: Many investors simply focus on the short-term price of the token instead of realizing the real value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to keep your token in the long term?

MonkeyBall : Sure – many investors focus on short-term gains rather than thinking about the big picture or the long-term, but I also think this is partly due to the fact that there aren’t many projects that have long-term potential or vision.

We created MonkeyBall not as a one-off game, but with a long-term strategy and vision that includes leadership in sports games in the metaverse. We have tons of gaming opportunities and crazy partnerships on the way. I would cautiously advise those looking for quick profits to do it in another project, because we primarily strive to become a full-fledged sports simulator on the blockchain. Don’t be one of those who regret selling your google or bitcoin stock very early on.

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