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This is a text version of our AMA chatting with Oort Digital, a project that focuses on building a seamless GameFi ecosystem. The goal of the project is to make your NFTs work through DeFi and games. Users will be able to store, send, lend, rent, trade, pay, mine and play with their NTF in a new and fun way.

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AMA (ask me anything)

Incrypted: Welcome to the Incrypted community!

Incrypted: So let’s start by presenting the Oort Digital project. What is the project about and what problems does it solve?

Oort Digital: So, Oort Digital is a DeFi + project GameFi / Metaverse, aiming to give more functionality to your NFTs:

Funding: We create one place (DeFi super account) to fund your NFTs with various DeFi features including leasing , secured loan, trade, fractional trade, insurance, etc.

Gamification: We are developing a native combat game that will allow NFT owners to use financial transactions from a DeFi super account to upgrade heroes and fight real players.

Interoperability: We are creating a metaverse (Oortverse) to allow any third party games / projects / brands to install the plugin and advertise their brands for heroes (players).

In short , we aim to address NFT liquidity issues by adding functionality on top of them.

Incrypted: What were your inspirations for creating RPG gameplay?

Oort Digital: When creating an RPG genre we were inspired by many modern Play-to-Earn games such as Axie Infinity. However, our RPG game will be innovative, with a PvS (player versus staker) mode to engage DeFi users in an RPG battle against real players. This is where we can unite people who have money but no time to play games with those who have time to play games but no money, within the same economy.

Incrypted: What financial opportunities, besides leasing, will we see at Oort Digital?

Oort Digital: In addition to leasing, we will provide various financial options, including trading, fractional trading, secured loans, insurance, etc. Moreover, all these financial actions will be used to upgrade your heroes, and you will be able to introduce your heroes to the RPG game and Metaverse. In other words, you can also play your NFTs.

Incrypted: What innovations has Oort Digital brought to the DEFI space?

Oort Digital: That’s a good question! The innovation we’ve brought to DeFi is that we’ve added gamification on top of DeFi. Currently, if you look at the cryptocurrency market, there are two types of people

The DeFi community is people who have money, digital assets to generate income, but have little or no time to play;

GameFi – who have time to play, but no money. At Oort Digital, we can bring the DeFi and GameFi communities together.

Thanks to PvS (player versus staker) and the metaverse, if you have money but don’t have time, you can put your money into practice by betting … If you have time but no money, you can spend your time making money and also leasing heroes at low cost.

Incrypted: Tell us more about your Oortverse metaverse, how can you get there and what can you do there?

Oort Digital: Oortverse (Oort Metaverse) is a 2D virtual world in Pokemon style that will allow any third-party games / projects / brands to connect, advertise their brands, create their own clans of heroes so that players can breed / minty, create prize pools with OORT, create / deploy minigames to add functionality on top of their own clan of heroes, etc. Oort Digital will start building our own metaverse early 2022 of the year. We will likely start pre-selling Oortverse virtual lands in Q1 2022 and then launch Oortverse in Q3 2022 of the year.

Incrypted: 2d is a pretty interesting solution .

Oort Digital: Yes, we are more focused on the economic model of the metaverse, and believe me, 2D in some aspects will be more interesting than 3D.

Incrypted: For me, as a user, it is important to transfer nft between platforms and blockchains. How will you implement this?

Oort Digital: With our Super DeFi account you will soon be able to buy / sell , lend / borrow, mine and perform all kinds of other financial activities on various networks / blockchains in one place. We will integrate the various DeFi protocols in our user interface. So you won’t have this pain anymore.

Incrypted : When do you plan to release? Is the game planned for mobile platforms?

Oort Digital: That’s a great question. We have already launched our NFT leasing application on Polygon and users use it daily. We also released a beta version of Rinkeby battle so that testers can provide feedback for rewards. For the next, we will be upgrading our overcollateralized NFT lease to a zero-collateralized lease. Ultimately we want to build an ecosystem (DeFi + RPG battle game + metaverse) to add more functionality on top of your NFTs. We will first launch our games in a browser and then launch the mobile version. Our core team has extensive experience with mobile devices, on average over 20 years.

Incrypted: Tell us about your OORT and OEP tokens. What features do each of them have and how can we get them?

Oort Digital: We have two token: OORT is the main token, its capabilities include:

1) vote in the Oort DAO;

2) buy or lease virtual land;

3) spend OORT to develop new hero avatars;

4) spend OORT to access various functions in the Oort DeFi APP and games;

5) third-party games can create a prize pool using OORT to monetize their games;

6) earn OORT;

The OEP (Oort Energy Particles) token has no financial value and is only used in games, its supply is unlimited. Players play games to earn OEP and spend OEP to coin garments, and burn heroes or garments to get OEP back.

Incrypted: Another question from google-form: Based on the specialization of your project, you consider NFT to be the future, but in practice NFT now benefits media people who are lucky artists and crazy millionaires. What must happen for this to change?

Oort Digital: Oort Digital is building a more open, fair and free economy , which will be able to participate everyone, regardless of whether you are in the first or third world. We can allow both players (those with time to play but no money) and stakers (those with digital assets but no time to play games) to participate. In other words, everyone who contributes to the ecosystem in any form will be rewarded.

Incrypted: Which of these aspects is important to you? 1-Raising the price and value of tokens 2-Helping to develop the platform 3-Building community trust 4-Expanding partnerships globally and in what order?

Oort Digital: I think all these aspects are important. But for now, we are primarily focused on releasing cool products and ensuring that our game + DeFi economic model can align the interests of all stakeholders, which will allow tokens to consistently accumulate value in the long term.

Incrypted: What are Oort Digital’s plans for the next 96 days?

Oort Digital: Good question. We will be releasing an updated roadmap with more details shortly. Please follow the news. During the next 116 days we plan to transfer our lease from leasing with excess collateral for leasing with zero collateral. For this, we have entered into a strategic partnership with Envelop. In addition, we will continue to improve our RPG game and launch a PvE model and a simple version of the PvS battle mode.

In terms of tokens, we have closed the seed round, closed the private round and IDO, and will officially launch the OORT tokens. We will also launch INO for Orc sale very soon. Orcs are another race that you can use for battles. There are 3 races in the Oort universe: humans, orcs and viruses. In RPG battles will take place between humans and orcs.

In addition, in the coming 100 many more start-up partnerships will be announced, including some big names.

Incrypted: Did you consider community feedback / requests while creating your product to expand fresh ideas for your project?

Oort Digital: We are very community oriented, which means we emphasize the role and importance of our community. Our community sometimes comes up with great ideas based on Oort Digital metaverse concepts.

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