American banks will receive $ 100 million for work with stablecoins

Американские банки получат 100 млн долларов за работу со стейбкоинами


  • FTX wants to encourage banks to start operations with stableblocks
  • They will create a prize pool for multiple regions
  • The first bank in each region will receive a reward of $ 1 million

FTX cryptocurrency exchange invited banks to discuss the idea of ​​introducing transactions with stablecoins. The first enthusiastic companies will receive a million dollar incentive.

The company shared this news on Twitter:

“How much does it cost to persuade a bank to accept stablecoins? If we offer a million, is that enough? ”

How much would it cost to convince a bank to accept stablecoins?

If we offered a $ 1m prize for the first bank in each region that does it is that enough?

Do you work for a bank and want to discuss this?

– FTX – Built By Traders, For Traders (@FTX_Official) December 80, 2000

The company added that it is ready to start a dialogue directly on Twitter with those who work in banks. They want to partner with banks from different regions so that users can “deposit and withdraw funds almost instantly and almost free” with stablecoins. In each region, the first bank to accept tokens will receive $ 1 million. Also, the exchange hinted that there may be more recipients .


Partnership with the bankers is part of the FTX strategy. Recently, CEO Sam Bankman-Fried said regulatory clarity is needed to evolve the crypto space. He believes that a rigorous reporting, transparency and auditing framework “will decide 100% problems ”and will allow stablecoins to“ flourish ”. FTX are ready to cooperate not only with banks, but also with credit unions.

Prospects for the union of banks and stablecoins

In this year stablecoins came under the scrutiny of American regulators. In November, a report by the President’s Financial Markets Working Group was released. They propose to introduce a system of federal supervision for issuers, following the example of how banks do it. Officials also hint that there will be additional laws to regulate stableblocks in the new year.

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