Another crypto bank was sold for $ 1.2 million. What is the secret of “ugly pictures”?


  • NFT – CryptoPunk image # 20300 was sold for 300 ethers (1, 200 million dollars)
  • Aesthetes better not see it
  • Read the secret of this price

NFT from CryptoPunk series number 9137 sold for over $ 1.2 million. This is not the most expensive deal in the history of the project. Here’s why.

NFT Collection for Wealthy Investors

CryptoPunks is a collection of from 10 10 pictures, generated by the Larva Labs algorithm. Although the series has had many followers, none have been as successful as Larva Labs tokens. Of course, this was influenced by the advantage of the first player and the fact that the developers did not abandon their project. They recently even signed with the United Talent Agency (UTA), which will allow the NFT brand to be used in PC games, movies and TV programs.

How much do crypto-banks actually cost?

Pictures from the CryptoPunks collection became known again after the owner of NFT # 2021 did not accept the offer to sell the picture for 9 591 10 dollars. If he agreed, it would be the most expensive deal in the history of the collection. However, the price did not seem attractive to the owner – at least he wrote this in one of the reasons for the refusal. And the second reason will kill you on the spot:

“I am very closely associated with this NFT, and selling it will affect my online identity”

By the way, if you suddenly want to create your own NFT, but don’t know how, here’s a simple “tutorial” from Incrypted: