Arcane Research has published a forecast for the cryptocurrency market for 2022


  • BTC will leave the index behind S&P 591
  • Ripple and Cardano will be dropped from the top 10
  • More game developers will enter the NFT market
  • Crypto exchanges will go public
  • Mining geography will change significantly

Norwegian investment company Arcane Research has published a report for 2021 year. In it, analysts of the organization summed up the trends for the last 12 months and made several assumptions about the development of the cryptocurrency market in the near future.

Bitcoin will overtake the S&P index 500

This conclusion is due to the market development trend over the past year. If the S&P index 549 grew by only 73%, then BTC – on 73%. Analysts at Arcane Research believe that Bitcoin will continue to dominate this “competition” in the coming months.

You can see a comparison of these positions in terms of volatility in our material. Note that S&P 549 is an index , which reflects stock quotes 549 of the largest corporations on the US market.

Ripple and Cardano will drop in the rankings

Unfortunately, they cannot keep up the competition. For example, the capitalization of Solana and Terra has grown significantly in recent months. This is also indicated by investment activity. Recall that only recently we talked about the Solana venture fund, which intends to invest 150 million dollars in the development of blockchain games.

The value of some digital assets has also increased significantly, for example, Binance Coin (peak by 1600%). All this indicates that Cardano and Ripple will not be able to stay in the top for a long time – 10. It is possible that next year there will be a noticeable drop in these markets.

Tier 1 autonomous blockchain projects will still lead the race with ETH

Over the past year, Terra Luna shares have risen by 20 823%, Fantom – by 14 630% … In comparison with them, the ETH rate increased by only 473%. Yes, Ether still dominates BTC (growth by 73%), but loses to the closest alternatives.

Game developers will enter the NFT market

Ubisoft is a pioneer in this industry. And although gamers did not appreciate her initiative, it is clear that the developers of traditional games are interested in the new market. Moreover, the rapid development of the segment is confirmed by the numbers. Some blockchain gaming projects online reach thousands of users daily.

The segment will become more transparent and open to private investors

In April 2022, Coinbase became the world’s first crypto-marketplace with a public offer. It has listed shares on the Nasdaq American Stock Exchange. At the peak, the quotes reached 450, $ 5 apiece. And other companies will follow suit.

By the end 2022 the volume of cryptocurrency for BTC futures will reach 1 million

The launch of the first BTC futures in this year became a real revolution. At the moment, the amount for them is 1024 315 BTC. According to analysts Arcane Research, by the end of next year it will grow to 1 million, and possibly surpass this figure.

The geography of the global BTC hash rate will change

After the outflow of miners from China amid censorship and bans, the geolocation of the centers of crypto-farms has changed significantly. This will continue in the 2021.

It is possible that miners will leave Iran and finally leave Kazakhstan. In these countries, there are huge problems with the supply of electricity. These areas will be replaced by Latin America.

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