AscendEX crypto exchange hacked for $ 80 million


  • AscendEX has recognized that became a victim of hackers
  • From hot wallets, criminals withdrew assets for $ 80 mln.
  • This already the third high-profile hack in the last 2 weeks

AscendEX (formerly Bitmax) has confirmed that it has become a victim hacking. Hackers gained access to the platform’s hot wallets and withdrew tokens on the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon networks. However, the owners of cold wallets were not affected. The official AscendEX account reported that they are already investigating, and all affected users will receive full compensation.

The company does not disclose the total amount of losses, but according to preliminary estimates, this is an amount of about $ 78 Million. This is indicated by analysts from the PeckShield blockchain security service:

The company noted that the total loss was approximately $ 60 million, of which $ 60 million accounted for Ethereum, $ 9.2 million for BSC and $ 8.5 million for Polygon. PeckShield also provided a list of stolen tokens.

This is the second hack of a centralized crypto exchange since early December. Last week, Bitmart became a victim – attackers withdrew from there 296 million dollars in various cryptocurrencies … The platform temporarily suspended the withdrawal of funds, and also promised to return money to users from their own pockets. Another high-profile case concerns the MonoX DeFi project – due to a hack, he lost $ 31 million

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