Australian Senator: “Decentralized finance is very promising and is unlikely to disappear in the near future”

The politician believes that thanks to DeFi and other innovations, the country will be able to break out of the world leaders.

Liberal Senator Jane Hume has confessed her sympathy for decentralized finance technologies. In her opinion, DeFi will open up huge prospects for Australia. It will help secure the country’s status as a “leader in innovation and economic progress.”

This statement was made by the politician during a speech at the Sydney Financial Review Super & Wealth Summit. The topic of the summit was pension funds, as well as ways of investing in them. Therefore, one must “act without fear, although cautiously.”

“What did the latter teach us 20 – 30 years? The fact that everything new begins with destruction and ends with a common noun. Decentralized finance paired with blockchain technology will open up incredible prospects. Australia must not succumb to the fear of the unknown, ”explains the politician.

Jane Hume noted that the key to Australia’s future economic success is the assimilation of new technologies. They will help the country recover from financial losses due to the pandemic. Recall that on November 3, the bank announced the launch of a new option – trading in cryptoassets through the bank’s application. Users will be able to trade 20 currencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

“Commonwealth Bank will be the first Australian bank (and one of the first in the world) to offer customers this opportunity,” Hume concluded.

Recently, Australia has been generally pleased with krypton news. For example, the “first bitcoin baseball team” recently appeared there – because Perth Heat athletes will receive their salaries in cryptocurrency. Many Australians are also planning to give their loved ones a crypto gift for Christmas.

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