Baidu has created its own metaverse. What is known about the project?

Baidu создал собственную метавселенную.

  • Chinese company Baidu presented its virtual world
  • It will have attractions, play and educational areas
  • The platform supports online up to 100 thousands of users
  • The full implementation of the project will take about 6 years

Last week, 27 December, the Chinese tech giant Baidu presented the first developments of its own metaverse in the XiRang client (“Land of Hope”). Although the platform is already operational, it will take about six years to fully complete it.

The presentation of the new metaverse turned out to be spectacular. The developer held a three-day conference right in the virtual world. It was attended by members of the top management of Baidu and about 116 speakers.

The XiRang metaverse is expected to be open source. There are no transactions with digital assets, the project is not commercial. Thus, the company expects to bypass the government restriction on the crypto industry.

Baidu plans to add tourist attractions, play areas, and educational areas to its virtual world. The project supports online for thousands of users.

At the moment, only one location is open in the metaverse – the “City of Creators”. But later, whole separate worlds from different developers will appear on the platform.

A distinctive feature of XiRang is the ability to connect via PC and smartphone. There is also an option for full immersion with a VR headset, but only from the manufacturer Pico. Also, the developer added a separate software for creating avatars – XiLing.

According to Vice President Ma Jie, the project is in its infancy. It will take years to fully realize it.

Despite strong censorship, more and more companies in China are looking at the metaverse sector with interest. At the end of the year 2021 more than a thousand companies applied for trademark registration in this area.

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