Billionaire Bill Miller transferred half of his fortune to bitcoins

Миллиардер Билл Миллер половину состояния перевел в биткоины

  • The legendary investor admitted that he keeps half of the free capital in the BTC
  • He bought most of the bitcoins at 30 thousand dollars
  • Miller considers cryptocurrency to be a unique asset

The last few weeks have been extremely difficult for beginners investors. Especially for those who entered the market around October. Since that month, BTC has lost almost 50%, and reached the extreme level of fear.

Despite everything, billionaire Bill Miller is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies. And this is confirmed by the current composition of his investment portfolio: 100% of net assets the businessman invested in the purchase of BTC and shares of MicroStrategy. The other half of the portfolio consists mainly of Amazon stock. But this is not surprising, since Bill Miller was one of the first investors in this company.

Should other investors repeat Miller’s example?

Investing half of your fortune in one asset is very risky, every expert tells about it. The billionaire himself advises others to transfer at least 1% of their savings to Bitcoin at the start.

He considers BTC to be a unique asset, and for a number of reasons.

“First, it can become a reliable hedge against inflation. Secondly, it is the only asset for which supply does not depend on demand. And thirdly, bitcoin can rise in price in 20, or even 100 times. ” 100 thous. dollars.

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