Binance officially launches Litecoin and Dogecoin mining pool

The scheme is as simple as an orange: deposit LTC tokens and receive income in proportion to the funds deposited. It sounds as if we are being offered to live in the best version of this world.

As an INCRYPTED correspondent reports, the exchange launched a mining pool combined with Dogecoin for LTC tokens. Litecoin miners will receive DOGE coins as income, mining is carried out using the PPLNS algorithm. The proceeds are sent directly to the wallet, with a zero service commission and no set minimum entry threshold. mining configurations in your account. For this, a separate account is created on the Binance Pool website. Every day you can track your earnings through a special service. Received coins can be transferred to a spot wallet without commissions. Large clients can apply to open Binance Pool VIP accounts.

Important! The income is distributed among all the participants of the pool, and not individually, despite the availability of daily payments in the personal account, therefore the more investors join the process, the higher the rewards for confirming the shares of miners within the pool will be.

Noteworthy, that in first place in terms of hash rate among all mining pools is AntPool c 23976, 7 EH / s, Binance (6th line) 12201, 22 EH / s, but the computing power is constantly growing.

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