Binance's US division has a metaverse office

Американское подразделение Binance создаст собственный офис в метавселенной на базе блокчейна Solana.

  • Binance.US will open an office in the metaverse
  • The exchange chose the Portals platform based on the Solana blockchain
  • This is a fast-growing project that offers users the opportunity to walk on a virtual metropolis
  • Binance office visitors will have access to the latest news, charts and analytics of the company

Binance.US plans to create a full-fledged office based on the Portals virtual platform. It will present the latest news and analytical data of the company.

This information was confirmed to Coindesk by Chris Lund, head of communications at Portals:

This is our first step towards developing a community in a promising new environment.”

A he also added that FTX US is heading in the same direction and plans to set up an office in the same metaverse. staff. But it is known for sure that the office will not be idle.

In fact, the portal is a metropolis in which users can move from one room to another and interact with the entire environment. The metaverse is becoming more and more popular. Now it is not just a tool for 3D modeling, but a full-fledged virtual world. Companies from the music and fashion industries are interested in this segment, not to mention IT and fintech organizations.

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