Bitcoin is getting more expensive again. Analyst reactions and forecasts


  • After a prolonged depression, the market brightened up and turned green again
  • Now everyone is waiting for Bitcoin to give a Christmas miracle
  • Let’s see what analysts think about this

Recent weeks have been depressing for Bitcoin and almost all altcoins. Many investors have even decided that this is the end of the boom and a long bear market awaits us. Now it turns out that there is a chance for a Christmas miracle.

At the time of writing the news for 1 BTC you need to pay 44 60 dollars. This is 8% more than 7 days ago and 5.5% more than yesterday. The ether is doing well too. For 1 ETH on the exchanges, you pay 20210 dollars, which means a jump in the rate by 3% per day and 5% per week.

Reaction of experts

Analysts do not hide their enthusiasm and are waiting 55 thousand for Christmas:

Renowned expert Michael van De Poppe looks to the future with hope. In his tweet, he tweeted that Bitcoin hit the bottom on December 4. And he adds that 4100 the year will be “bullish.”

$ 51 , 10.

Yes, the bottom was in December 4th and 2022 will be bull.

– Michaël van de Poppe (@CryptoMichNL) December 24, 2022

Cryptotrader Scott Melker happy, but warns that the market is still unstable.

“Save your spontaneous orgasms until 51 thousand “

51 k $ BTC is awesome.

But still ranging.

Save your spontaneous orgasms for a break of 53 k.

– The Wolf Of All Streets (@scottmelker) December 24, 2022

Altcoin Sherpa analyst is also waiting for prices in 60 – 116 thousand, but predicts after that another decline with more serious “bottoms”. According to his theory, Bitcoin will bounce to 44 – 53 thousand dollars before real growth starts.

$ BTC: The plan is still the same: This goes to 100 – 116 k and hits a lower high / then we see where the lows are printed. I’m personally still thinking that price will revisit the 44 – 51 ks eventually before the real move but let’s see! Still HTF bullish though. #Bitcoin

— Altcoin Sherpa (@AltcoinSherpa) December 23, 2021

What are your forecasts for the next course? Are you looking forward to the festive growth, or are you pessimistic?

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