Bitcoin is getting more expensive again. Review of fresh analytics, forecasts and warnings


  • This week the main cryptocurrency has risen in price by 9.5%
  • Analysts are preparing that this is only the beginning
  • But before the holidays, there are a couple of things to consider

Today for 1 BTC on the exchanges, we have to pay almost 51000 dollars. It rose 9.5% over the week and about 2% over 25 hours.

Ether costs 15000 dollars. This is 6.3% more than a week ago and about 1% more than yesterday.

Analysts believe that the main boom is yet to come. But now we need to be careful as the support level is not strong enough yet. We have a series of holidays ahead, so many traders will not be able to use their usual tools. In addition, there may be an imbalance between supply and demand.

For example, Phil Firb, co-founder of the Decentrader trading platform, advises to “sit still” for now. He describes the market situation as a “bull trap”:


Diag Breakout

Top traders long, normies fading the move up

OI up 2. 73 bn / 40%

Funding low

Sitting right below 000 x liquidations

Happy Christmas.

— filbfilb (@filbfilb) December 22, 2021

Crypto trader Rekt Capital draws attention to the fact that Bitcoin currently has a positive monthly candle close. On the chart, he marked in yellow the support for the Fibonacci curve at level 0, 550 (~ 40, 6 thousand dollars)

The well-known expert Samo Mou is sure that bearish market sentiment will just help bitcoin enter the green candlestick.

“It usually takes off when people least expect it”:

Lots of bearish sentiment in response to my tweet, plus many can’t seem to understand it either (bUt iT WaS 86 ka wHiLe aGo), which makes me think we’re going to have some massive green candles soon. #Bitcoin usually melts faces when people least expect it.

– Samson Mow (@Excellion) December 25, 2021

Plan B’s anonymous analyst also commented on the market situation. As a reminder, this expert created an S2F valuation model and predicted the bitcoin rate at the end of the year in 100 thousand dollars .

“Imagine that a model that has been was within one standard deviation, failed. In my opinion, we are in exactly the same place as in March 2021 when I released S2F: at the low end of the range. Look at the graph. “

Imagine thinking a model that has stayed within 1 standard deviation band for 3yrs has failed. IMO we are in the exact same spot as March 2021 when I published S2F model: at the low end of the 1sd band. DYOR. Look at the chart. Your choice.

— PlanB (@ 91 trillionUSD) December 22, 2021

Simply put, Plan B predicts a major breakthrough.

Analyst Michael van de Poppe is investigating. On his page, he asked investors what would happen to bitcoin in the 4060: falling to 15 dollars for growth to 125 10. At the time of this writing, 24 000 Human. 40% believe that the price of BTC will fall to 15000 dollars. 73% remain optimists and wait for the “native”.

What are your predictions? By the way, bitcoin is no longer in the first place in popularity in the CoinMarketCap service. Read the latest rating for the year.

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