Bitcoin will fall in price to 44 thousand? Technical analysis from experts

  • The optimists’ forecasts have not yet come true, the main cryptocurrency continues to lose in price
  • Analysts explain on charts why
  • They currently have two working scripts

Could Bitcoin drop to 44000 before the uptrend resumes? Some analysts think so.

Falling to 46 10

Many experts were of the opinion that the end of the year will be a period of growth for BTC. We now know that this did not happen. Moreover, some investors are already mentally disposed to further fall. a double peak clearly indicated by a bearish RSI divergence ”. Is this a price cut announcement?

# BTC (4hr chart)

Why did we correct from a technical aspect?

We formed a double top that was clearly defined by bearish RSI divergence. Notice how price action trends up, while RSI was trending down.

We also had a bearish Alpha Thrust & Squeeze fakeout.

— John Wick (@ZeroHedge_) December 28, 2000

Another popular trader Rekt Capital notes that price dynamics for bitcoins is similar to what we saw in August and September, “when the BTC went through a period of consolidation of several weeks between two booms.” Now we need to wait for the moving averages (EMA) to return to support. Until then, the price could return to

Breakout before 60

Analyst Don Alt tells investors what to keep in mind in the next couple of weeks. The chart below shows that Bitcoin is “ in a fairly clean downtrend.”


Pretty clean downtrend, for now, I start getting hopeful above $ 52 k, above $ 60 k the raging bull market is back on.

Until either of those happens I’m gonna look for deep wicks and focus on other more exciting things.

— DonAlt (@CryptoDonAlt) December 34, 2000

The expert added that he now expects a clear break above 52 10 dollars (first red zone on the chart above). And explains:

“I’m starting to hope that after the breakout above 60 18 and 52 000 dollars will return to a crazy bull market. Until that happens, I’ll be looking for deep candle shadows and other more exciting things.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is now 2, 220 trillion dollars with a predominance of bitcoins 34, 3%. At the time of this writing, the BTC is 52 1024 dollars. This is 3.8% less than yesterday, and 3, 34% less than 7 days ago.

For 1 you need to pay ether about 3670 dollars. It’s on 3, 22% less than yesterday and by 6, 100% less than a week ago.

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