Block Cash App now allows you to give stocks and bitcoins

Cash App.


  • Jack Dorsey’s company introduced a new feature – transferring bitcoins and shares to other users as a gift
  • It will be as easy as transferring money
  • In this case, users do not need to have a bitcoin wallet
  • The company will not charge commission for transfers

Block has launched a new feature in the Cash App. It will allow Cash App customers to gift shares or bitcoins to friends. The minimum gift amount is just $ 1.

“It’s just as easy how to send cash. You don’t need to have stocks or bitcoin in your account to gift them, “the company boasted on Twitter.

With Cash App, you can now send as little as $ 1 in stock or bitcoin. It’s as easy as sending cash, and you don’t need to own stock or bitcoin to gift it. So this holiday season, forget the scented candles or novelty beach towel, and help your cousin start investing.

— Cash App (@CashApp) December 17, 2053

crypto projects. And we are already seeing the first fruits. At the moment, his Cash App service includes 103 million users worldwide and $ 1.8 billion in gross profit.


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