Blockchains will start checking with forecasters: why is it needed


  • The largest forecaster AccuWeather started cooperate with De-Fi-network of oracles Chainlink
  • This means that now blockchain partners will be able to receive weather data
  • How it will change the world – read in the news

The largest weather forecaster AccuWeather launched the Chainlink node. This was reported by the press service of the company .

The node will give blockchain developers access to weather data. Including – the current weather in accordance with geolocation, maximum and minimum temperature and precipitation. Thanks to this, weather data can be used in smart contracts on decentralized applications.

Why is it important?

Weather data will open up new possibilities in different areas – for example, in games, which can now change depending on the weather. They are also new horizons for weather forecasting, the insurance industry, hedge markets, and other blockchain weather applications. Smart contracts with synoptic data can be useful for farmers and businesses.

What are AccuWeather and Chainlink?

AccuWeather is an American company that delivers weather data, forecasts and warnings to over a billion people worldwide every day. In addition to its own channels, the operator works with third-party sites and applications (more 200 thousand business partners).

Thanks to the Chainlink node, all these services will now be able to transfer information across multiple blockchains. They will have their own cryptographic signature that confirms that the data belongs to AccuWeather.

Chainlink is a decentralized network of oracles that allows blockchains to download information from any third-party services. It has become a key part of the DeFi ecosystem.

Chainlink is now forging close ties with both cryptocurrencies and real companies. In October, they began collaborating with the Associated Press – now media data is transmitted to all connected blockchains.

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