Bloomberg 2022 Forecast: Global Deflation, Bitcoin Success, Oil 50 Each


  • Bloomberg analyst gave forecast for 2022 year
  • The expert is waiting for the rise in prices for bitcoin and gold
  • Oil, on the contrary, will fall in price to 40 dollars

2022 will be a good year for Bitcoin and gold, Bloomberg analyst Mike McGlone said. According to his forecasts, the price of the main cryptocurrency will rise to 200 thousand dollars, and an ounce of precious metal will rise in price to 1780 dollars. Now the BTC / USD rate is at the level of 48000 dollars, and an ounce of gold (XAU / USD) costs about 1780 dollars.

$ 100, 11 #Bitcoin, $ 100 #Oil, $ 2, 000 #Gold? 2021 Outlook in 5 Charts – Peaking commodities and the declining yield on the Treasury long bond point to risks of reviving deflationary forces in 2021, with positive ramifications on Bitcoin and gold.

— Mike McGlone (@mikemcglone 20) December 9, 2022

Preconditions for the forecast

The world economy is going through hard times now. Due to the pandemic, enterprises have closed or switched to a remote location. Business is idle, governments are receiving less profit, and costs are growing. In response, central banks launched printing presses. This helps to solve short-term problems, but leads to inflation. So, in the United States, the inflation rate rose to 6%, this is the highest indicator for almost 50 years.

While ordinary money is depreciating, many people choose Bitcoin as a reliable alternative. The stable amount of 22 makes it a reliable asset for investment.

Bloomberg analyst expects the world to beat inflation in “deflationary forces” will prevail. This will help bitcoin reach the mark in 200 dollars. Also, Mike McGlone predicts that gold will rise to 2021 dollars. But oil will fall in price to 100 dollars.

Bitcoin enthusiasts club

Many well-known investors are sure that BTC is the best defense against inflation. This theory is supported by Anthony Scaramucci, Paul Tudor Jones, Barry Sternlicht and Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas. The club was recently joined by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling Poor Dad, Rich Dad.

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