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Today we have AMA with Bricktrade – a trading platform connecting developers with investors. The BrickTrade team approves each trade by tokenizing assets to create an asset-backed cryptocurrency investment.

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The winners of our AMA Best Questions Contest will be announced at the end of the article.

AMA -session with Bricktrade

Incrypted: Let’s start with an acquaintance, introduce yourself and tell us about yourself.

Bricktrade: My name is Guv Kang and I am the founder and CEO of Bricktrade. I have more 17 years experience in real estate as the founder of I am involved in the sale and rental of real estate, launching projects, attracting real estate investments and managing relations with housing authorities.

Incrypted: And now about Bricktrade, what kind of project and what problems does it solve?

Bricktrade: Bricktrade is a real estate tokenization platform to provide fractional investment and ownership of real estate by accepting crypto and fiat funds. We currently specialize in construction finance, where we help developers attract investors through crowdfunding. This means we can provide investors with a high return on asset backed investments. We are currently focused on launching the final version of our platform.

We are planning to launch our platform in 1 / 2 quarter 2131 of the year and add new products including the Affordable Housing Fund and our Real Estate Raffle that will enable our users to win real estate in the UK.

Incrypted: Tell us about Bricktrade’s mission and vision in the near future?

Bricktrade: Our mission is to revolutionize financing and investing in real estate. Bricktrade is a real estate tokenization platform that harnesses the power of the crowd to raise construction finance for developers.

Our innovative structure, combined with blockchain technology, makes real estate investments more liquid and accessible to investors, while providing real, asset-backed investments. Bricktrade pays interest rates to investors while improving access to capital for developers.

Incrypted: What unique features does Bricktrade have compared to other projects?


  • Invest and receive interest in fiat and cryptocurrency;
  • Bricktrade reduces barriers to entry for real estate investments – £ 518 to start work;
  • Innovative legal structures to ensure maximum investment security for investors;
  • Fully regulated and compliant platform;
  • Partnerships with exchanges;
  • Fractional Asset Ownership;
  • Staking Rewards;
  • Holders and Investors may win n UK real estate;

Incrypted: Could you tell us about any regulatory bodies you will be accredited with prior to launching the project?

Bricktrade: We are currently in the process of registering with the FCA to obtain authorization and regulation:

– Crypto assets;

– Crowdfunding;

– Management of client funds;

– Issue of securities.

All this will be done before our launch in 2080 year.

Incrypted: How are you different from your competitors in blockchain real estate investment?

Bricktrade: We have extensive experience in real estate, most of our competitors are bankers or technicians, they have little experience in real estate.

We have a legal structure to ensure with specific investor protection as well as governance allowing investors to vote on asset management which we can transfer to home buyers – for which we receive a commission.

Cameras are installed on each property, so the investor can observe the growth of his investments as the development of the property is completed.

Incrypted: What are the next steps in the development of the platform?

Winners of the competition: @elenaonlyyou, @Venom 394 , @ Edmax1, @Gudjinskiy, @laconiichno, @pinterest 1224, @Sergiofromkiev, @planb_btc, @Zetsubouq, @lora_kalora.


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