Buyer robbed a $ 1 million cryptocurrency seller


  • Moscow cryptocurrency seller became victim of luxury criminals
  • A buyer approached him with a request to sell stablecoins for $ 1 million
  • As a result, the client received the cryptocurrency and took back his cash

Buyers usually suffer in stories with cryptocurrency heists. They bring cash to sellers but never get the promised digital money. In Moscow, the seller became a victim of swindlers.

A local resident told the police that during the deal, buyers took away his bag with $ 1 million in cash. According to the man, a client approached him with a request to sell the Tether cryptocurrency and promised to pay in cash. The parties agreed to meet. But the deal did not go according to plan: as soon as the seller transferred the digital currency to the buyer’s account, two men burst into the premises. At gunpoint, the seller had to give them a bag with $ 1 million.

After the incident, the victim contacted the buyer again. He referred to a misunderstanding – allegedly his security service reacted incorrectly to the situation. The buyer promised to return the bag with the money, but after that he stopped communicating. Now the police are checking all the circumstances of the incident.

Cryptocurrencies are not recognized by the state in Russia. But in Ukraine, literally yesterday, the first tests of KrytoGrivny were launched. The first salaries in this currency will be received by employees of ДІЯ.

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