“Buying Bitcoin” has become the TOP Google query in Ukraine. What is important to know


  • For the first time, cryptocurrencies hit TOP queries of the year
  • “Buy bitcoin” in 9th place among purchases in Ukraine
  • Other coins are more popular in world queries

Google has published its traditional summary list of TOP searches for the year. They are broken down into different countries and categories. For the first time in history, cryptocurrencies came here – and, moreover, several at once.

World ranking of TOP queries

There are two cryptocurrencies in the world list – ether and dogcoin.

Dogecoin took the 4th place in popularity in the “News” category – and, at once both in the world and separately in the USA. Also, people were interested in the price of ethereum – this request took 14 a place. Interestingly, bitcoin is not in the global ranking, but it appeared in the Ukrainian one.

Rating of requests in Ukraine

Only bitcoin got into our rating – in the category of purchases it is in 9th place:

How many BTC Ukrainians bought this year is still unknown. But we advise you to carefully choose the sites for buying, as well as follow simple security algorithms. Newbies often make two big mistakes and lose their savings. In this guide, we have described step by step how to buy BTC safely.

And for those who love videos – here’s a video tutorial:

What does the Google Trends data mean

Top searches, of course, mean a lot of public interest in this particular topic. In the context of cryptocurrencies, this also usually indicates positive investor sentiment.

Since nosy investors may decide to buy such assets, it helps to form a bull market. The more purchases are made in the market, the higher the price. Higher prices, in turn, generate even more interest, which leads to an increase in searches and potential purchases.

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