Canadian doctors sue Shiba Inu meme currency


  • Canadian ISP Ask The Doctor is preparing a lawsuit against the creator of Shiba Inu Shitoshi Kusama and cryptocurrency SHIB
  • According to him, this project is swindlers
  • Shitoshi Kusama, in response, also accuses doctors of fraud

A new scandal has erupted around the popular Shiba Inu meme tokens. The Canadian Internet provider Ask The Doctor has threatened to file a lawsuit against the project itself and its creator. According to him, Shiba Inu is a scam.

The company posted a series of tweets in which it threatened to reveal the identity of the author, Shitoshi Kusama. In one of their posts, they tagged the British financial regulator SECGov and asked them to “deal with potential fraudsters.” However, they later deleted all these tweets.

Interestingly, Ask The Doctor was once an ardent Shiba Inu fan. They bought this tokens for payments, and even put a “doggy” logo on their profile. The provider also ran a promotion on its Twitter to encourage users to swap floki-inu tokens for SHIB. In this regard, they were even accused of unfair competition:

Now Ask The Doctor said they sold all of their 100 a trillion shiba inu (SHIB) for $ 1.5 million.

Shitoshi Kusama’s answer

Shitoshi Kusama did not remain in debt to the Canadian company. Developer Shib responded quite aggressively:

Tell your lawyers that it is illegal to buy a verified account to engage in extortion. Tell them that it is illegal to take money from people for a service you have never provided. And if you really want to come and catch me … go … I’m ready.

Tell your legal team that it is illegal to buy a verified account to use it to scam other people. Tell them it is illegal to take people’s money for a service you never provide.

And if you REALLY want to come and get me…


It’s almost time anyway … I’m ready

– Shytoshi Kusama ™ (@ShytoshiKusama) December 31, 20140

From the moment the beginning of the conflict, the Ask the Doctor account lost more 21 20 followers on Twitter, but the entire community of fans stood up to protect Shitoshi Kusama.

Note that meme tokens do carry risks, and that’s why:


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