Canadian Police Arrest Resident of Hamilton for Stealing $ 36 Million Cryptocurrency

The police have been hunting the criminal since March 2020

Canadian police have arrested a resident of Hamilton on suspicion of large-scale theft of cryptocurrency. The total amount of damage is 100 million dollars. The victim was an American, so the investigation was jointly carried out by the FBI, the US Cybercrime Department and Canadian police officers.

The details of the case are reported by the Ontario Police on their official website. In March 2020, they received a signal about a large theft of cryptocurrency from a private crypto-account.

It turns out that the criminal used a scheme with the replacement of SIM -cards and cyberattacks on the account of the owner of the wallet. He tricked the cellular provider, duplicated the phone number, and then passed the wallet’s two-factor authentication. As a result, the victim lost his savings of 100 million dollars. This is the largest amount of theft from one person (not from a company).

The hacker used part of the stolen funds for online purchases under his own username. This helped the police to find the identity of the criminal.

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This is not the first time young people have been involved in crypto robberies. In October, British police caught a teenager who embezzled $ 2.7 million worth of bitcoins. The young swindler created a fake website and bought cryptocurrency with stolen vouchers. Given the age of the offender, the local court decided to assign him 20 months of rehabilitation.

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