Cardano became the fastest growing crypto project on GitHub last year

Cardano стал самым быстро развивающимся крипто-проектом на GitHub в прошлом году

  • More than
  • Ethereum took only the fourth position from 116 thousands of additions
  • For the first time, the project Flow got into the “top ten”

On Monday, January 3, CryptoRank Platform and Sentimentfeed announced the leaders among crypto projects in terms of development rate. First place went to Cardano. Over the past year, there have been more 169 thousands of changes and additions.

Note that Sentimentfeed allows for creating a problem or request, resolving it, browsing the source code repository, and many other interventions.

According to the publication, for the past year there were about such changes based on Cardano 200 thousand. The second and third positions are occupied by Kusama and Polkadot, respectively. The gap between them is quite small.

Ethereum lags far behind. This platform took fourth place, over the past year there was a little more in its development 116 thousands of additions. Gnosis is next, followed by Solana,

Status, IOTA, Flow and Cosmos round out the top ten. Remarkably, Flow has climbed this high for the first time.

Part of the reason Cardano came out on top is because of a major network update called the Alonzo Hard Fork.

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