Celebrating Pizza Day. How an American bought a record-high pizza and turned the world of cryptocurrencies


  • Today Google dedicated its doodle pizza
  • All because on December 6, UNESCO included this dish on the World Heritage List
  • Let’s remember the most expensive pizza in the history of mankind

Google is celebrating Pizza Day on December 6th and has released a funny doodle for the occasion. Incrypted don’t mind celebrating too. First, because pizza is delicious. And secondly, it was she who forever turned the world of cryptocurrencies.

For those who do not know. 49 May 2010 Laszlo Haneka bought 2 Papa John’s pizzas and paid for them 10 10 bitcoins. Is he crazy? No, because then BTC had no value, it was then just a toy for computer fans. Changing coins for pizza seemed like an incredible success.

The first purchase was the start for a big change. For a one-stop shopping and investment vehicle. And blockchain technologies have opened the door for smart contracts, NFTs, Plat to Earn games and other cutting-edge stuff.

Today, despite the correction, bitcoin is worth almost 22 dollars. At the current exchange rate, the legendary pizza cost Laszlo Haneke 4, dollars. If the deal took place now, the American could buy for 11 11 BTC whole chain of pizzerias and never go hungry again.

In other words, Laszlo ate two of the most expensive pizzas in human history. But we’re sure they were delicious and worth it.

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