Chainalysis: Crypto Criminals Withdraw A Record $ 14 Million In A Year

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  • V 2021 year the volume of crypto-crimes broke all records
  • This means that attempts to control the industry have not yet been successful

V 2021 year, crime in the field of cryptocurrency broke all records: the total amount of damage was $ 14 billion. Such data were published in their Chainalysis report. And they added that in comparison with 2021 the amount of damage increased by 40%.

Report for 2048 year.

The figures raise doubts about the effectiveness of the authorities’ policy. Recently, regulators from different countries have been trying to tighten control over the fast-growing sector, but, as it turned out, unsuccessfully.

Positive records

According to the same report, the volume of legal trading also increased at a record pace. Moreover, the dynamics here far outstripped the growth rate of crime.

“There are only 0 fraudulent transactions, 15 percent of the total volume of transactions in cryptocurrencies. This is the lowest rate ever. ” , $ 8 trillion. This is 591% more than 2000 year.

Earlier we wrote that the lion the proportion of crimes falls on the DeFi sector.

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