China has banned posting videos about cryptocurrencies on social networks


  • China continues to tighten the screws cryptocurrency supporters
  • In the new resolution, the media regulator prohibited posting videos with their mention
  • However, like videos about politicians and other topics that the authorities do not like

The Chinese government continues its war against cryptocurrencies. This time they will block short videos that people share on social media.

The China Network Broadcasting Services Association (CNSA) has issued a new regulation prohibiting the posting of videos promoting digital assets.

The document states that social media users should not distribute visual content that promotes public participation in digital currencies, mining, trading and speculation.

The ban will apply to such platforms like Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok), Kuaishou messenger, WeChat microblogging, etc.

Banning videos about cryptocurrency is one of 22 new areas that CNSA does not like. The ban also included content that casts doubt on the country’s official history, parodies of political leaders, doubts about the ideology of China and discussions of fascism. Also, the authorities took up arms against the metaverse. They scare the population with the fact that virtual worlds are supposedly made for fraudulent purposes. Thus, China is moving towards the complete elimination of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and modern technology.

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