Co-founder of The Sandbox: Big Tech Companies Threaten the Future of the Metaverse


  • Sebastian Borget opposed influence of media holdings and large corporations on the Web 3.0
  • The Sandbox co-founder believes this is contrary to the concept of a decentralized internet
  • In his opinion, the arrival of such companies as Meta will entail irreversible changes in the

Sebastian Borgett, co-founder of the blockchain project The Sandbox, has opposed the Web 3.0 sector falling under the influence of large media holdings. In his opinion, this will entail irreversible consequences for the sphere.

“They can not create something worthwhile for users. All they think about is how to satisfy shareholders, not customers, who own the assets and also manage them on the basis of their own platform, ”said Borget.

In his opinion, the arrival of such corporate giants as Meta (Facebook) will entail are structural changes in the sphere. Now the metaverse and other blockchain projects of Web 3.0 are decentralized, but “big business” is trying to “crush” the sector for itself.

Media holdings and other Big Tech “players” monopolized the Web 2.0 industry and then “tailored” it to their business model. And the same can happen with the metauniverses.

This is why Borget is opposed to the influence of Big Tech corporations on the industry. According to the businessman, this contradicts the idea of ​​a decentralized Internet, in which users fully own their digital assets.

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