Coinbase Launches Open Source Crypto Library


  • Coinbase has created an open cryptography library
  • The library repository has many simple and accessible APIs

On Monday, December 6th, at Coinbase, the fourth largest exchange in the world in terms of trading volume, announced the creation of a digital library. It will focus on cryptographic tools.

The project was named Kryptology. The creators left its code open so that each user can not only use the content, but also improve the platform.

According to Coinbase, the library aims to build new cryptographic techniques based on existing developments and advances in the industry.

A company representative emphasized how important this is for the exchange. According to him, it is cryptography that is the driving force behind innovation in the crypto industry.

Without digital signatures and encryption protocols, any cryptocurrency would be just a line of code. Anyone could change, remove, or challenge ownership.

At the same time, cryptographic tools are constantly being improved. For example, the ETH Scale Network uses BLS for identity verification and transaction confirmation, and ZCash uses zero knowledge methods to protect data.

In addition, Kryptology is intended to set a new standard of quality similar libraries and popularize this direction. The catalog provides users with the most popular, simple and completely free APIs.

In the repository of the site, you can find all the necessary documentation for the project, as well as the developments of the authors. There are also recommendations from the creators of the open source project.

Coinbase expressed hope that their platform will become the foundation of the future crypto community, and its innovations will find their application in manufacturing, the crypto sector and other sectors of the economy.

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Ilya is a human node in Incrypted. Thanks to Ilya, we now have a direction for installing nodes, participating in testnets and other validation matters. Raising servers, installing the necessary software and other complex words are no longer a problem for Ilya and he has something to share with readers.

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