Coinbase Will Issue P2P Gaming Scholarships to Yield Guild Games

Coinbase будет выдавать стипендии для Р2Р-игр Yield Guild Games

  • DAO gaming platform Yield Guild Games partnered with Coinbase
  • The Exchange will help issue scholarships for participation in P2P
  • Play to Earn games are very popular, but not everyone has money to buy a character

Yield Guild Games partnered with Coinbase. The crypto exchange will fund P2E scholarships to play in this DAO.

What is P2E Scholarship

The P2E Scholarship has become a popular way to get started with no upfront investment. With this scheme, the player temporarily leases the character, and then gradually pays its cost (with or without interest – depending on the conditions).

On their Twitter, Yield Guild Games wrote that P2P is more than gaming assets ”. The new partnership will give more users access to popular games.

Who already pays the scholarships

Yield Guild Games does not the first to start issuing scholarships. As of today, Axie Infinity, Guild of Guardians, Splinterlands, Ember Sword, F1 Delta Time, Zed Run, Illuvium, League of Kingdoms and Sandbox have them.

The scholarship scheme was originally invented ordinary users who have earned a lot of tokens in P2P games and wanted to expand. They found “poor” partners and sponsored their first purchases. Thus, the “P2P capitalists” created large guilds and could earn even more tokens.

By the way, we recently filmed a review of the Sandbox metaverse, and we suggest you look into this world:


We are starting to do separate views for all metauniverses. Let’s start with Sandbox.

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