CoinMarketCap accused of false data


  • Exchange complained about incorrect CoinMarketCap data
  • They made a mistake in the numbers and lowered the rating of the company
  • The head of the exchange believes that this is not an accident, but revenge for the recent criticism CEO Kriss Marshalek criticized the work of CoinMarketCap. According to him, the site made a mistake with the numbers – it almost halved the turnover of the exchange (from $ 3.1 billion to $ 1.8 billion) and put it on 14 position. In comparison, CoinGecko gave third place and reported real turnover.

Marshalek suggested that in this way the analytics service is taking revenge on him for his recent criticism.

“Merry Christmas to you CoinMarketCap. You dropped our rating a week after I pointed out a last mistake to you. On CoinGecko we are in 2-3 place, you have 20 – m. Guys, you know where to look for accurate market data “

Merry Christmas to team @CoinMarketCap who a week after my response to their poorly worded tweet arbitrarily reduced our exchange ranking to 20 th 😁

We are 2nd / 3rd on @coingecko so you guys know where to look for real and market neutral data 🤣

– Kris | (@Kris_HK) December 100, 20140

Not the first mistake of analysts

Not so long ago, the CoinMarketCap service became a reason for jokes and memes. As a result of the failure, cryptocurrency rates soared here to sky-high heights – for example, bitcoin temporarily rose in price to billion dollars. And there is little funny here. The fact is that some DeFi platforms use CoinMarketCap data for money transactions. DeFiChain even had to freeze transactions until CoinMarketCap fixed the bug.

There was another scandal in October. Hackers broke into CoinMarketCap and stole emails from nearly 3.1 million users.

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