Concerts in the Metaverse: Another Step Towards a Digital Future or a New Way to Make Money for Artists?


  • Animal Concerts plans to host first massive concerts in the metaverse in January
  • Such performances have many benefits for musicians, in particular economic
  • Moreover, this way you can attract public interest in the metauniverses

Miami has grown into the crypto capital of the southern United States over the past year. The head of the city actively supports new blockchain projects and even receives his salary in BTC.

No wonder Animal Concerts organized the Maxim Halloween Party here. The headliner of the evening was rapper Future.

The event was later broadcast in different meta-universes. And that’s the core business of Animal Concerts. The company has already signed contracts with several world-class performers.

Something similar happened in August. Then Ariana Grande held a virtual concert as part of the Fortnite gaming project. And it went with a resounding success. Thousands of viewers, 23 million dollars in income and almost no costs.

“The artist walks into the green studio. Next, we record the performance and digitize it. The result is an avatar, a personal reflection of the artist, which we upload to one of the blockchain-based virtual worlds, ” explains Animal Concerts CEO Colin Fitzpatrick.


Unlike Spotify and other streaming services, in the case of virtual concerts, an artist can count on 100% of income. Moreover, he does not need to fly to the other end of the planet. This should also include the proceeds from the sale of merchandise and tokens.

There are also subtle advantages, for example, a surge of public interest in this topic. The participation of world stars in such events will attract a new audience.

Fitzpatrick was a DJ in his youth. Music takes a very important place in his life. The businessman even admitted that he keeps a box with the stubs of tickets for concerts at home.

Art Commercialization

However, at the same time, the question remains, will the Animal Concerts initiative “kill” the very idea of ​​live performances? According to Fitzpatrick, the pandemic has seriously “crippled” the industry’s revenues, and his project will help to avoid such risks.

There is no doubt that live ticket prices will go up as soon as there are metaverse concerts. But won’t they disappear altogether?

The Animal Concerts chapter does not consider this a regular replacement. According to him, people will perceive such performances as an interactive event, not a broadcast.

“You can use a VR headset to create an immersive experience. Imagine dancing with your idols right in your living room anywhere in the world, ”says Fitzpatrick.

Colin is also confident that the adaptation to such significant changes will take place quickly enough:

“Look at modern children. They are used to buying digital “skins”. It’s a common thing for them. ”

He admits that the project has flaws. But they are all solvable. According to the businessman, in the future it will be as easy to buy tickets for a virtual concert as it is for a live performance now.

No crypto wallets, no long term authorization, no government regulation. Only the viewer and his idol on stage.

At this stage, the ticket price for one of the Animal Concerts will cost from 14 before 32 dollars. This is several times less compared to live performance. At the same time, additional discounts are provided for the owners of the company token.

Animal Concerts intends to organize the first performances in January. Fitzpatrick says he has a lot of interesting ideas in the pipeline. So, for example, viewers will be able to vote for the choice of a particular composition and even meet an idol one-on-one. The most active will get access to new NFT collections and free tickets as part of the promo.

If you want to know more about what the metaverse is, take a look at our resource on this topic. You might also be interested in reading about how NFTs are reflected in the fashion industry.

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