Contrary to all bans: more than 1000 Chinese brands announced to enter Metaverse


  • China directly promises metamirs “Special control”
  • In turn, the local business does not want to miss out on the benefits in this industry
  • Looks like someone should give up

In November, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) advised businesses to abandon Metaverse and NFT. They stressed that these two areas will be under special control. But the criticism from the authorities didn’t seem to work: more More

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Who are these brands

Most of the candidates are large tech companies. Thus, Huawei wants to register the Meta OS operating system. Hisense prepares trademarks in the advertising, education and social services segments. The tech giant Tencent did not stand aside either. He even broke the record by creating 116 applications for registration.

The last Chinese warning

The People’s Bank of China is not the only opponent of the metamirs. On December 9, the Communist Party published a devastating article about Metaverst in its People’s Daily newspaper. And a week ago, other state media joined them.

Despite the prohibitions, businesses are interested in investing in such technologies. According to Crypto Slam, NFT sales have reached dollars. And DappRadar calculated that sales in the metaverse sector soared by 768% in just one month.

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