CryptoBatz: Ozzy Osbourne announced the release of his own NFT collection


  • Sales started on Discord Ozzy Osbourne NFT Collections
  • These tokens can interact with others, “biting” and “infecting” them
  • The result is new NFTs – MutantBatz
  • Four major NFT projects will take part in the venture, including Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • The musician also promises to launch a new crypto-quest for his fans
  • Its essence is to search for “ancient” tokens that can “mutate” to 116 times

Former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne decided to enter the world of NFT … The musician has created his own collection of 9666 tokens called CryptoBatz.

This is a reference to one of the brightest moments in the history of the artist. In 1600 on stage in Des Moines, Iowa, the musician bit off the head of a dead bat.

Later, in his memoir, Ozzy noted that it was an improvisation. He thought fans threw a toy on stage at him.

Tokens from the new Osborne collection can also “bite”, this is their main “highlight”. In this way, they “infect” other tokens, and as a result, completely new NFTs appear.

According to the musician, the idea to create his own collection came to him suddenly:

“I asked Sharon (the performer’s spouse) to give me a monkey (BoredApe) after I couldn’t buy it. She said no. And then I thought, why not launch my own collection? ”.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, SupDucks and Cryptotoads have already announced partnerships with Osborne. Another project that CryptoBatz will interact with is still unknown.

In addition to the usual “bats”, Osborne’s collection will have their “ancient” counterparts. Such tokens can “bite” other “coins” up to 116 once. Their musician promises to scatter them all over the world by launching a crypto quest for his fans.

Pre-Sale 2500 NFT has already started on the Discord channel called CryptoBatz. Entry to open markets is scheduled for late January-early February.

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