Cryptocurrencies can destabilize entire countries, Hillary Clinton warns

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has a hard hit on cryptocurrencies. The politician said that ultimately they can weaken the states.

This assessment was given by politicians during a video presentation at the panel discussion of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum. She recalled that now the world governments are facing new challenges – disinformation and problems with artificial intelligence.

“Another area that I hope governments will start to pay more attention to is the growth of cryptocurrency. Mining and trading new coins looks very interesting and exotic. But it could undermine the currency. May undermine the dollar’s role as a reserve currency and destabilize countries. Perhaps it will start with small problems, but gradually they will increase, “said the former secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton. Source: Bloomberg

Clinton’s comments were made in the context of criticism of the president Russia of Vladimir Putin. He is accused of deploying “a very large farm of hackers and those involved in disinformation and cyberwarfare” .

In 2017 Clinton announced that she lost the election to Trump due to Russian interference, as well as dubious decisions of the FBI. She accuses Russian hackers of hacking her campaign emails and leaking information on WikiLeaks.

“President and his oligarchic entourage exploited many non-state actors for personal and nationalistic purposes. I think it will become more and more of a threat, “Clinton summed up at a forum in Singapore.

The New Economy Forum was organized by Bloomberg Media Group, a division of Bloomberg News.

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