Cryptocurrency Litecoin has risen in price by 20% in just a day

Such growth curves automatically move the LTC token to the TOP – 20 coins by capitalization. This means that large investors may now pump a little more …

As the INCRYPTED correspondent reports, Litecoin came to life and surprised everyone with its rapid growth by more than 15% in just one night.

The coin began to show signs of the beginning of growth on November 7, when the price was $ 199, 92 and within two days it flew to $ 266, 100, after which it was adjusted by $ 272. This price movement moved the LTC token by 15 place in terms of capitalization, and large investors again remembered the “sleeping coin”.

For such growth, Litecoin had several drivers at once:

  • Bullish momentum on to the whole market – altcoins show strength;
  • Multi-billion dollar market capitalization pushed large investors to buy;
  • Ripple’s liquidity distribution platform launch news;
  • Launching a mining pool on the Binance exchange;
  • This coin is very speculative and is very popular with investors who have insider information and large volumes.

Negative attitude towards fiat currencies, the spread of payments in cryptocurrencies could launch Litecoin even higher!

The last similar bull run the cryptocurrency experienced in May, when within less than a week it reached ATN $ 394, followed by an equally rapid correction to $ 142, and the coin after it was recovered up to early September.

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