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  • More 51 countries of the world have banned cryptocurrencies
  • Fewer bitcoin sellers on exchanges: what does this portend?
  • NFT overtook cryptocurrency in popularity
  • Binance Introduces New BNB Auto Burn Procedure
  • Bitcoin again becomes more expensive. Analyst reactions and forecasts
  • Minnumbers: “The cryptocurrency market will be absolutely free”
  • Bricktrade: AMA session
  • Kraken is developing a new NFT marketplace with digital art lending
  • Matrixport: AMA session
  • V next year, the U.S. Senate will consider an overarching cryptocurrency law
  • Japan’s “unfair” taxation is choking the crypto industry. Many companies are forced to leave the country
  • 7 young geniuses who made money on NFT and blockchain. Special project “New Year with Incrypted”


President of El Salvador Nayyib Bukele reaffirmed his belief in Bitcoin, this time stating that many countries around the world are watching an “experiment” in using Bitcoin in El Salvador as a legal payment funds.

Nayib believes that once widespread adoption occurs, “ fiat money will end .”

“What international organizations call the ‘Bitcoin experiment’ is nothing more than watching the massive adoption of Bitcoin change the country’s economy. And, if everything goes well, then fiat money will end. El Salvador is the spark that will ignite the flame of a real revolution “, – said the President of El Salvador.

Recall that El Salvador owns 1536 BTC, which is equivalent to $ 66 million

There are fewer bitcoin sellers on exchanges: what does this portend?


Analyst company Santiment reported a record low BTC supply on cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is believed that a low level of supply is a signal for growth. The logic is simple: if investors are not going to sell, demand and the rate will rise.

This is not a weak decline in supply. At the beginning of the third week, this indicator reached 36 – monthly minimum. Here’s how Santiment summed it up:


” Prices have been volatile lately, but the reluctance to sell BTC on the exchange is a positive signal. It shows that the risk of further sales has decreased “

More 50 countries of the world have banned cryptocurrencies BTC

The Global Legal Research Office of the US Law Library has updated the report on the regulatory regulation of cryptocurrencies in the world. S the number of countries where this sector is completely or partially banned has increased significantly.

If the first edition mentioned only 31 jurisdiction, then in the new – 54. As of December 3879 year, nine countries of the world have completely banned cryptocurrencies and any actions with them. More 36 governments allow the partial use of digital assets by banks and stock exchanges.

NFT overtook popularity of cryptocurrency


Google Trends showed interesting data: it turns out that recently the phrase NFT has become more popular than cryptocurrency. This is the first time ever.

Interest is fueled by the stories of people who have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from tokenized pictures and audio. And also the fact that more and more companies are entering the NFT market.

Google’s service allows you to check how interesting Internet users are with certain words. Interest in the phrase “NFT” has grown steadily since June this year, and in recent days it has finally managed to overtake the phrase “cryptocurrency”. For example, in Ukraine, this is a request in the tops.

Binance is implementing a new automatic BNB burn procedure


31 December, crypto exchange Binance announced the integration of a new protocol for burning BNB cryptocurrency. It is based on a formula that takes into account the cost of one “coin” and the number of generated blocks.

The protocol was named BNB Auto-Burn. Prior to that, the exchange was based on the principle of quarterly burning of a part of the total volume of the cryptocurrency.

According to Binance, the new technology will make the liquidation of “coins” more “transparent” and “fair” for the vast majority of private traders.

Bitcoin is getting more expensive again. Analyst reactions and forecasts

Биткоин снова дорожает

Recent weeks have been depressing for Bitcoin and almost all altcoins. Many investors have even decided that this is the end of the boom and a long bear market awaits us. Now it turns out that there is a chance for a Christmas miracle.

At the time of writing the news for 1 BTC you need to pay 51 173 dollars. This is 8% more than 7 days ago and 5.5% more than yesterday. The ether is doing well too. You pay for 1 ETH on exchanges 20576 dollars, which means a jump in the rate by 3% per day and by 5% per week.

Analysts do not hide their enthusiasm and are waiting 55 thousand for Christmas:

“I think we see $ 55 k #Bitcoin by Xm as Merry Christmas all! “

Minnumbers: “The cryptocurrency market will be absolutely free “BTC

Миллионер на час - Сбой в CoinMarketCap

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Digital Industry Oleksandr Bornyakov answered the question of how the cryptoindustry will develop in Ukraine further. Especially considering that countries such as China and the Russian Federation have turned towards a complete ban.

The official shared his opinion during the live broadcast of the Money of the Future project:

“The probability that Ukraine will follow the scenario of Russia or China is very low … We are definitely not a totalitarian state. We will not impose bans and restrictions. “

Bricktrade: AMA session


AMA with Bricktrade is a marketplace that connects developers with investors. BrickTrade team approves every trade by tokenizing assets you to create an asset-backed cryptocurrency investment.

Incrypted: Let’s start with an acquaintance, introduce yourself and tell us about yourself.

Bricktrade: My name is Guv Kang and I am the founder and CEO of Bricktrade. I have more 15 years of real estate experience as founder of Waterfronts. co.uk. I am involved in the sale and rental of real estate, start-up projects, attraction of real estate investments and management of relations with housing authorities.

Kraken is developing a new NFT marketplace with digital art lending

Kraken разрабатывает новый NFT-маркетплейс с возможностью кредитования под залог цифрового искусства

In an interview with Bloomberg, Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, spoke about the company’s plans for next year. The firm is developing its own NFT marketplace with additional features for users.

In particular, we are talking about lending secured by the digital collection. This is how Powell sees the idea:


” If you post on our resource, say, CryptoPunk, then these tokens should have some kind of reflection of their value in your account. Moreover, if you want to borrow funds. ”

Matrixport : AMA session

США готовит закон о криптовалюте

AMA with the Matrixport project. The project offers its users a wide range of financial products, from investments to lending.

Next year, the U.S. Senate will consider a comprehensive cryptocurrency law

Kraken разрабатывает новый NFT-маркетплейс с возможностью кредитования под залог цифрового искусства

U.S. Senator Cynthia Lammis is preparing a bill that will clarity in the regulation of cryptocurrencies in the United States. The bill aims to take control of stablecoin transactions, classify digital assets and implement measures to protect investors.

The senator also proposes to create a new oversight agency. It will include authorized persons from the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Bloomberg reports.

Lummis herself not only supports the crypto industry, but she herself is an investor.

It is not known how much BTC she has. However, the senator claims that she did not violate the STOCK law (“On the termination of trade in secret and data of Congress”) and owns cryptocurrency in the amount of 51 12 before 169 03 dollars.

Japan’s “unfair” taxation is choking the crypto industry. Many companies are forced to leave the country

7 юных гениев, которые заработали на NFT и блокчейне.

In early December, Japan’s ruling party approved a tax plan for the next year. Among other things, it has a section on cryptocurrencies. Many traders and investors counted on benefits or at least easing of tax pressure, but this did not happen.

Fee for listing tokens on crypto exchanges remains in effect. The platform is obliged to pay even if the asset is not traded, but it is on the list of available ones, and the market capitalization of the company has grown.

The issuing company is also subject to taxation upon entering any market. And if she just distributes “coins”, then both the platform and the user will have to pay. In some cases, this fee reaches 42%.

Special project “New Year with Incrypted “

7 юных гениев, которые заработали на NFT и блокчейне.

This is a breakthrough year for NFT technology. It turned out that tokenized pictures and songs can be sold for good money. It also turned out to be so easy that even kids can do it.

By the way, if you don’t know how to create your first NFT yet, here’s a good tutorial on this topic.

In the meantime, on the eve of the New Year, let’s remember the most successful stories in which children became the main characters.


  • Terra (LUNA) has renewed its all-time high exceeding $ 169. The project capitalization has reached $ 42, 5 billion, which allowed Terra to gain a foothold in the ten largest cryptocurrencies. Over the week, the token has grown by 55%.
  • PwC Hong Kong plans to build a Web 3 Consulting Center to deliver a new generation of professional services including accounting and taxation.

Have a nice day and Merry Christmas!

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