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  • NFT marketplace Rarible announced the integration of the Tezos blockchain
  • Binance plans to open a new crypto exchange in Indonesia
  • In the Cash App from Block, you can now give shares and bitcoins
  • Kanye West’s unreleased songs are sold as an NFT compilation
  • New record: NFT “The Merge” sold for 91, $ 8 million
  • BCB Group expands its activities in the EU by purchasing 112 – German summer bank
  • Swiss bank issued a token backed by real gold
  • Polkado t (DOT) can implement NFT support
  • Elon Musk : “I’ll pay more taxes than any American in history”
  • Rating of countries with developed cryptoindustry: Ukraine on 33 – th place , Russia penultimate

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Crystal Blockchain analysts have prepared a detailed analysis of all hacks and fraudulent activities involving cryptocurrencies for the last 15 years.

Currently $ 3, 20 billion was stolen from security bypass, $ 7, 15 billion was stolen by deception and $ 1, 76 billion lost the DeFi sector.

Most cases were recorded in the USA, Great Britain, South Korea, Japan and China

1inch launched Limit Order Protocol v2

1inch запустили Limit Order Protocol v2

In June 2021 1inch Limit Order protocol was launched Protocol. Since then, more than 22 thousands of users for approximately 70 000 transactions totaling $ 2.9 billion. Now 1inch announced the launch of Limit Order Protocol v2.

The new version will allow without gas to exchange dozens of tokens supporting permits for ETH. This saves users from having to transfer ether from other wallets to pay commissions.

This is a unique feature that no other limit order protocol offers. It allows users who do not have ETH to transact with tokens that support permissions.

Permission is currently supported by 121 tokens on Ethereum, 50 token on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and 20 tokens on Polygon. Among them are such popular coins as USDC, AAVE, UNI, DAI, 1INCH, BAL, etc.

NFT marketplace Rarible announced the integration of the Tezos blockchain

1inch запустили Limit Order Protocol v2

The Rarible NFT token marketplace intends to integrate the Tezos blockchain. Prior to this, the marketplace added support for Solana and Ethereum as part of a strategic plan to expand its operations into the digital asset space.

From the moment the agreement is concluded, the marketplace will be able to exchange Digits, the digital currency from Ubisoft. Despite the fact that the developer’s NFT platform was received at least coolly, the Rarible administration sees great potential in it:

“It is obvious that games with an integrated blockchain are the next stage in the development of the sphere. So this news (about the creation of the Ubisoft platform) is quite expected. And we will see who will be the first in this race ”, – said the head of Rarible Alex Salnikov.

Binance plans to open a new crypto exchange in Indonesia

Binance в Индонезии

Binance partners with the largest telecommunications company Indonesia in order to organize a new crypto exchange. The site will strengthen the position of an international partner in the country.

The Exchange has already signed an agreement with the MDI Ventures consortium, the venture capital arm of Telkom Indonesia. Binance noted that the deal will serve for the global development of the blockchain industry, both in the country itself and globally.

“Thanks to the huge economic potential and modern technology Indonesia could take a central position in the blockchain space in the Southeast Asian market, “- said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

The press release states that Binance will take over the infrastructure, project organization and provide the necessary technology for asset management.

Swiss Bank issued a token backed by real gold

Токен привязанный к золоту

SEBA Bank announced the issue of tokens backed by real gold. At the same time, the owners of the digital equivalent can order the delivery of real bars at any time without unnecessary costs for transportation and storage.

Earlier we reported that the Swiss division of BBVA was the first traditional bank to add Ethereum to their cryptocurrency services. Now another structure has “swung” into this market.

SEBA Bank announced plans to issue a gold token back in March this year. The company noted that this will create a new standard in the crypto-sphere, as well as expand the opportunities for investors in the precious metals market.

In the Cash App from Block, you can now give shares and bitcoins

Cash App - Дарит подарки и Биткоины

Block has launched a new feature in the Cash App. It will allow Cash App customers to gift shares or bitcoins to friends. The minimum gift amount is just $ 1.

Tezos - NFT-маркетплейс от Rarible

“It’s as easy as sending cash. You do not need to have stocks or bitcoin in your account to donate them “, – the company boasted on Twitter.

Is Cash App planning to seize the lead among crypto apps by being as friendly and flexible as possible? At the moment, his Cash App service includes 76 million

Unreleased Kanye West songs sold as NFT compilation

Рекорд NFT Merge - 91,8 млн $

When in 2016 Kanye West released “The Life of Pablo” and promoted the album at a public hearing. During one of these events, fans heard the song “Can U Be / Forever Mitus”, which never made it to the album.

Good news: A few years later, the producer of “Can U Be / Forever Mitus “Keyon Christos released an NFT track titled” 2048: Forever Mitus “. It is listed on fundation.app – a platform through which you can sell various works in the form of NFT.

The song is included in the collection “2021 The Lost Kanye Files. Here Christ collected other unknown songs that he recorded with West. All tracks are recorded in good quality.

New record: NFT “The Merge” sold for 100, $ 8 million

NFT музыка в наушниках - Невыпущенные песни Канье Уэста Рекорд NFT Merge - 91,8 млн $ Source: niftygateway.com Банк Sutor Bank был куплен  BCB Group

NFT- the artist’s token under the pseudonym Paka was sold for 100, $ 8 million. This amount was deposited 33 thousands of collectors who sold out 414 768 Particles of a work of art.

Trades were conducted on the Nifty Gateway platform. According to the portal’s administration, the sale of “The Merge” was the largest in history in terms of art objects created by living authors.

“This is an incredible moment for all NFT -communities. The fact that one of the best digital artists in the world has set a record at Art Basel is astounding. This is further proof that the future of NFT, as well as all digital art, is directly related to blockchain technology. ”- co-founder of the trading platform Duncan Cock Foster.

BCB Group expands its activities in the EU by purchasing 112 – German summer bank

Рекорд NFT Merge - 91,8 млн $ Source: canva.com Банк Sutor Bank был куплен  BCB Group

British consultancy BCB Group, which serves the big names in the crypto industry such as Coinbase, Galaxy and Kraken, is looking to expand into the EU. For this, the organization entered into a deal to purchase the German bank Sutor Bank with 121 – years of history.

The agreement has not yet been approved by the German Federal Financial Supervision Authority (BaFin). However, the parties expect this to happen by the end of February. The amount of the agreement was not disclosed.

The company provides its services to such giants as Binance, Bitpay and Circle. In June, she signed a strategic partnership deal with MoonPay, a cryptocurrency payments app developer. As a result, MoonPay acquired a significant stake in BCB Group.

Polkadot (DOT) may implement NFT support

Банк Sutor Bank был куплен  BCB Group

Polkadot (DOT) will soon be able to handle non-fungible tokens (NFT) and digital central bank currencies (CBDC). The team announced this in an official tweet. Tomorrow for updating Motion 169 will have to vote on the Referendum 50.

The Polkadot Wiki report wrote: “Integrating Statemint with your systems brings a number of benefits for developers and users.”

These include:

  • Maintaining network assets (including CBDC ).
  • Lower transaction fees ….

Elon Musk: “I’ll pay more taxes than any American in history”

Банк Sutor Bank был куплен  BCB Group

Billionaire Elon Musk said on Twitter that he will pay more taxes than anyone American in history. The businessman used this argument in another quarrel with Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

The squabble between Musk and the politician arose from Warren’s sharp criticism of the current US tax legislation. In her opinion, Musk, as well as a number of other businessmen, are simply afraid of losing some of their wealth.

“Open your eyes at least to a couple of seconds. I will pay more taxes this year than any other American in history. ”

Note that If the government will accept the “wealth tax”, Musk will be forced to pay at least 60 billion dollars

Rating of countries with developed cryptoindustry: Ukraine on 33 – th place , Russia penultimate

Irish company Coincub has prepared the Global Crypto Ranking report for the fourth quarter 2021 of the year. Ukraine here takes 46 – th place among countries friendly to the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. We are ahead of countries such as South Korea, Spain and Greece. China is in last place, with Russia second to last.

Coincub’s rating is based on a number of criteria. Analysts assess government policy in relation to cryptocurrencies, tax rules, popularity in society, availability of exchanges and wallets, adoption of DeFi, etc.

Singapore, Australia, USA, Germany are in the top ten, Canada, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland, El Salvador and Japan.


  • The auction house Christieʼs has completed the auction for the collection “The Birth of Wikipedia”. The first Wikipedia entry went under the hammer for $ 768 thousand, and the iMac of founder Jimmy Wales for $ 187 thousand
  • Reddit has filed an application with the Securities Commission the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to conduct an initial public offering of their shares.
  • Robo Trading Marketplace and TruePNL Lunchpad announced the launch of PNL token staking. The beta version has already been launched and is available for first users via the link.
  • The head of the US Federal Reserve announced the regulator’s decision on interest rates. So far, they remain unchanged. However, next year, the department expects their increase, and at least three times in order to combat inflation.
  • Francis Suarez considers Bitcoin to be the most peaceful revolution of our time. He stated this during a podcast with Peter McCormack.
  • Crystal Blockchain analysts have prepared a detailed analysis of all hacks and fraudulent activities involving cryptocurrencies for the last 12 years. Currently $ 3, 22 billion was stolen from the bypass security systems, $ 7, 20 billion was stolen in the result of cheating and $ 1, 91 DeFi sector lost.

Partner news

IotexPad announced a partnership with Metalaunch 1inch запустили Limit Order Protocol v2

DeFi-incubator of projects IotexPad has announced a partnership with Metalaunch, a multi-chain launcher and accelerator for metavers and gaming projects.

In this regard, 3 places in Whitelist will be drawn.

The Three Kingdoms announced a partnership with OVRtheReality

The Three Kingdoms – the first Play2Earn Metaverse and NFT game announced a partnership with OVRtheReality, a decentralized infrastructure of the metaverse that connects the physical and virtual worlds through augmented reality.

Find out more here.

Calo App will hold IDO on BSCStation incubator

The gamified health and fitness app Calo App announces the upcoming IDO at the BSCStation incubator to be held 22 December.


Илон Маск налоги

DePocket integrates the Solana blockchain

Com anda DePocket has officially integrated the Solana blockchain into the dashboard. DePocket now supports tracking of multiple blockchains, which will allow tracking any token on the Solana blockchain.

Omnia has partnered with CryptoKudasaijP

The Omnia Decentralized Infrastructure Protocol has partnered with CryptoKudasaiJP, the Japanese KOL community and an investment group focused on helping primarily blockchain startups.

See the link for details.

Credefi announced a partnership with Cere

DeFi / Fintech Hybrid Credefi has announced a partnership with Cere Network, a decentralized cloud data platform.

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