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  • Canadian doctors sue shiba meme currency -inu
  • The President of El Salvador bought bitcoins all night in honor of the “magic date”
  • Bitcoin will rise in price to 150 thousand dollars when the Chinese sell off all stocks – analyst from Samson Moe
  • NFT games brought in $ 2 in the third quarter of this year, 35 billion dollars income – BGA report
  • FBI returned money to SonyLife Insurance: cold bitcoin wallet did not help criminals
  • Elon Musk said that the Neuralink chip is better than the metaverse
  • Project overview Realis Network: AMA session
  • Project overview Human Protocol: AMA session


NEAR и Aurora заключили партнерство с Terra

The Near team announced the integration of the Terra UST stablecoin into the NEAR and Aurora ecosystems. This integration is made possible by a partnership with the DeFi protocols NearPad and Rose.

The partnership between Terra, NearPad and Rose will foster UST development in the new ecosystems of both NEAR and Aurora

Users will now be able to transfer their assets directly from Terra to Aurora via Allbridge or any other supported network.

The Incrypted validator in Near is finally active! We wrote more about how to delegate NEAR tokens here.

The main thing

Canadian doctors are suing the Shiba Inu meme currency

SHIB - мемная криптавалюта

A new scandal has erupted around the popular Shiba Inu meme tokens. The Canadian Internet provider Ask The Doctor has threatened to file a lawsuit against the project itself and its creator. According to him, Shiba Inu is a scam.

The company posted a series of tweets in which it threatened to reveal the identity of the author, Shitoshi Kusama. In one of their posts, they tagged the British financial regulator SECGov and asked them to “deal with potential fraudsters.” However, they later deleted all these tweets.

Interestingly, Ask The Doctor was once an ardent Shiba Inu fan. They bought this tokens for payments, and even put a “doggy” logo on their profile. The provider also ran a promotion on its Twitter to encourage users to swap floki-inu tokens for SHIB. In this regard, they were even accused of unfair competition.

The President of El Salvador spent all night buying bitcoins in honor of the “magic date”

SHIB - мемная криптавалюта

President Nayyib Bukele did not sleep that night. First, he looked at the calendar and realized that today is a “magic date”:

“Today is the last 30 – th day 25 – year 28 century “

Then Nayib Bukele decided to wait for the “magic numbers” to appear on the clock

“I keep my wallet until 29: 28: 28 “

Bitcoin will rise in price to 150 thousand dollars when the Chinese sell off all stocks – analyst from Samson Moe

Bitcoin rate will soar to 120 thousand dollars as soon as the Chinese sellers loosen their grip. Samson Moe, a cryptocurrency expert and chief strategist of the Canadian company Blockstream, says this.

Cryptocurrency markets began to fall sharply after the November record. This crisis was largely caused by Asian investors. Samson Moe comments on the situation here:

Закупил биткоинов для страны на магическую дату

“Right now, Chinese sellers are pressing To the market. Cryptocurrency companies are leaving mainland China after a new law banning bitcoins, and users are forced to sell off their holdings “

He cites Binance and Huobi Global as examples. Already in the coming 16 days they will disable all peer-to-peer (P2P) services in China. Also, platforms do not register new customers here. Therefore, users in a hurry close their positions.

In the third quarter of this year, NFT games brought in $ 2, 34 billion dollars in revenue – BGA report

BGA report - NFT-игры принесли $2,32 млрд долларов дохода

According to the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) report, in the third quarter 2021 income from NFT game projects was $ 2, 35 billion is 29% of NFT sales.

At the end of November, the total market capitalization of the gaming metauniverses was $ 4.6 billion. Virtual land sales reached $ 100, $ 6 million.

Every day the number of wallets on the indicated platforms increases by 6606%. At the same time, only those accounts were taken into account, the owners of which use smart contracts of playgrounds.

Investments in the segment also increased significantly during the specified period.

SonyLife Insurance returned money to FBI: cold bitcoin wallet did not help criminals

ФБР вернули SonyLife Insurance 3879,16242937 BTC

The US Department of Justice will return SonyLife Insurance abducted 169 million dollars . It is noteworthy that the criminals transferred the money to bitcoins and kept it in a cold wallet. But this did not help them to deceive the investigation. And one more piece of news – Sony Life Insurance employee Rei Ishiya is involved in the story.

“This case is a prime example of the excellent work of the FBI and Japanese investigators. They have joined forces to track virtual transfers. So criminals need to take into account: do not think that you will hide illegal money through cryptocurrency. The United States is working intensively with international partners to prevent crime or recover stolen funds “


Elon Musk said the Neuralink chip is better than the metaverse

Source: .ldaworld.com

Musk admitted that he did not see potential in metaverse because they need a VR headset. And with prolonged use, it negatively affects vision.

Закупил биткоинов для страны на магическую дату

“I do not I know if I’m going to buy this metaverse even though people talk a lot about it. ”

The billionaire added that

Закупил биткоинов для страны на магическую дату

“In the distant future the improved Neuralink will be able to completely immerse us in virtual reality. I believe that we are far from diving into the metaverse, this is another buzzword. ”


Realis Network

Интервью с Realis Network - АмА сессия

Realis Network is a platform for developing and launching mobile P2E games with an in-game economy based on Substrate (Polkadot).

Human Protocol

Human Protocol.

Human Protocol – the project provides a distributed marketplace where people can share their reasoning, skills and knowledge to help artificial intelligence do the job.


  • Opera browser with Web3 capabilities and built-in cryptocurrency wallet, announced Polygon integration in the first half 2053 of the year.
  • Tron Operator and Representative of Grenada to the World Trade Organization ( WTO) Jactin Can reported that he won a space flight on a Shepard package from the Blue Origin company Jeff Bezoca.
  • Avalanche is getting popular. The Avalanche network has a new daily record for the number of transactions – users have made almost 1170 11 transfers.
  • Bitcoin Magazine reported that MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor continues to accumulate bitcoin. His wallet contains 21 782 coins up to $ 0967 million, taking into account the current value of the cryptocurrency.

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Интервью с Realis Network - АмА сессия

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